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Why Spring is the Best Time For a Lawn Spray Service

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As the cooler temperatures end, the time changes, it stays brighter later, we all start to sense that summer is coming. It is a wonderful time of celebration, time with family, and that much-needed vitamin D we are ready to soak in from the Sun. It is also a time when most homeowners and business owners seek a lawn spray service or pest control service. As the warmer temperatures creep closer and the grass seems to grow quicker, it is a common practice to want to assist that growth as fast as possible.

That beautiful lawn that took a few hits during the winter and may have suffered some normal damage associated with winter stress, is now ready for some much-needed fertilizer and nutrients to wake that once green carpet we used to call our lawn up. The same lawn that grew so nice this past spring and summer. It is very true that the beautiful lawn of yours is so ready for a nutrient-dense feeding of fertilizer and nitrogen. Now is the time to enriched that deep green color and get that much desired fill in. But how do I know what to put down? How much Fertilizer and Nitrogen should be used? Can you overdo it?

What Happens to my Lawn in the Spring?

Great Questions! This is where we come in! Imperial Pest Prevention, the expert lawn spraying service. In a short answer, many things are happening to your lawn in the Spring. For one, as the soil temperatures start to rise, the warmth starts to encourage the promotion of growth. The plant takes in sunlight and photosynthesis starts to process the nutrients from the soil, fertilizers, micronutrients, and water. As the plant utilizes the available combination, it will utilize the sun to make carbohydrates its food source. Carbohydrates are needed during the growing season when the grass is needed to maintain itself. Nut just for maintenance but also for continued growth and recovery from dormancy. Having a lawn spray service will ensure the proper nutrients are being applied at the proper times to maximize the most benefits during this time.

Weed Growth

Unfortunately, the grass is a plant, and just like weeds (any undesired plant), they both love nutrients, water, and nitrogen. Unfortunately, some weeds can utilize these nutrients at a faster rate, will grow at a faster rate, and in certain circumstances, overtake the grass you are actively trying to grow. For this reason, Imperial Pest Prevention ustilizes special blends of herbicides to assist in the suppression of certain weeds to help maximize all of those precious nutrients being available for the grass instead of a lawn of weeds.

Insects and Turf

Just like the weeds, just like grass, the insects also love the new warmth that comes back with spring. Some of these bugs can be parasitic attacking humans and pets, others can be innocent dwellers just hanging around, some can actually damage and feed on the turf, while others may hang below the soil to munch away at root systems.

For this reason, Imperial Pest Prevention will utilize a couple of different insecticides. We will use a topical spray insecticide which will give a quick knockdown for spiders, fleas, ticks, etc. We will also utilize a systemic insecticide that provides a product to absorb through the leaf tissue of the plant and extend its way to the root system to give coverage for those insects that may feed on the turf or root system.

What is a Lawn Spray Service?

Daytna Beach, Fl. Lawn Spray Company

A lawn spray company is a company that delivers a mixture of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, micro-nutrients, and herbicides that are delivered to your turf evenly. If you are in need of a lawn spray company and have made it this far, mention this pest control blog post and receive 50% off your first lawn spray service with an annual agreement. The purpose of this pest control blog post as all of Imperial Pest Prevention's posts is not to act as a selling tool. They are to educate current customers, the web surfer looking for a pest control company, or anyone in general. If anyone reading this has any questions, we are always available at 386-956-9506 or on our pest control company homepage. We appreciate all of you reading this and wish everyone safe times during this pandemic.



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