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Why Do I seem To Get Bit By Mosquitoes More Than Others?

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Figment of your imagination? I think not! It is true that certain people are more prone to this unlucky unwanted gift. But Why? Read on to find out if you fit in the category to increase your chances of becoming a mosquitoes most desirable meal over others. Since I am in the boat with you on this one, and have always seemed to be a mosquitoes favorite meal, I learned that my O type blood results in my lucky self-attracting twice as much of this bloodsucker than other individuals with different blood types. With that being said, we will lead off on the list with.

Favorite Blood Types of Mosquitoes

For this post of the article I cannot take credit but will give credit to the following information of a post from the Journal of Medical Entomology which demonstrates findings from a study and reads as "in this study that blood group O subjects attracted other blood groups (B, AB, and A) but were only significantly more attractive than blood group A subjects in 64 human landing tests. We collected saliva from the subjects and tested it for agglutination inhibition, categorized the subjects into secretors or nonsecretors, and studied mosquitoes’ landing preferences for those groups. The mean relative percent landing on blood group O secretors (83.3%) was significantly higher than on group A secretors (46.5%). We also compared the attraction to subjects according to blood groups using forearm skin treated with ABH antigens. Blood group O disaccharide (H antigen) attracted significantly moreAe. albopictusthan did blood group A trisaccharide (A antigen), and subjects treated with blood group A disaccharide attracted significantly moreAe. albopictusthan did subjects treated with blood group B trisaccharide (B antigen), but ABH antigens did not, in general, influence the landing preference of mosquitoes among ABO blood groups." But is that it? Nothing else? no other factors? Oh, lets just say we have only just began on the list of things that will cause you to be that mosquito magnet.

How the Smell of a Human Can Attract Mosquitoes

While all of that time we spend showering, using perfumes, soap, body washes and cologne helps us with hygiene and may make us more attractive to one another, or at least smell better if no luck in the other department, we still do naturally sweat. I personally live in Florida and with that being said, it is about impossible to not sweat. Mosquitoes have the ability to pick up on those scents we try so hard to cover up and keep off our bodies. They can seek out ammonia that is excreted through our pores during sweat as well as lactic and uric acid, especially during times of vigorous activities or exercise. Exercise and heating of our core temperature alone will increases mosquito attraction by more than 50%.

How Bacteria on Skin Can Increase Mosquito Attraction to Humans.

Well, once again, while all that time we spend showering, using perfumes, soap, body washes and cologne helps us with hygiene and keeping us fresh and clean, we still do naturally have bacteria on our skin. Studies on Mosquitoes and Malaria have indicated that Microbial varieties and population on the skin play key roles in the production of human body odor which distinguishes smells from person to person. For this reason mosquitoes can be attracted to person over another. This could also lend reason as to why mosquitoes can be drawn to ankles, feet and other areas that may emit a little more odor from bacteria.

Does the Color Red Draw Mosquitoes to Me?

Well, while many think that the color red may draw in a flock of angry mosquitoes charging full force at you like a matador with a raging bull, it actually is true! Maybe not to that extent, however, mosquitoes have extremely good eye sight. While the females (males do not feed on blood) visually seek out a blood meal, you can draw attention to yourself with certain colors. That red blouse may indeed make you the focal point of the night to that blood thirsty parasite. It has been shown that light colors make you less a target to mosquitoes and that red, dark blue and black can put a target on you to that mosquito that says here I am!

Can my Breath Attract Mosquitoes?

Great question! That is a yes and no answer. While it is not directly your breath, it is something that makes up a part of your breath as you exhale. What is it? Drum roll please..... Carbon dioxide! Female mosquitoes have a unique organ known as the maxillary palp which enables them to smell carbon dioxide we emit from our breath from over 100 feet away. This also explains why highly active outside activity such as exercise will draw more mosquito activity to us just as smells and that pretty red colored exercise outfit.

I Don't Seem to Get Bit by Mosquitoes, am I Normal?

Yes, you are! While not a power of a superhero, it is still a great power to have. A natural mosquito repellent is indeed a real thing. Some people have special genes that not everyone else have and they actually repel mosquitoes. Some people actually produce natural repellents, which seem to be genetically controlled. This discovery could lead to new ways to repel mosquitoes.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes from Biting Me?

Prevent? Oh, if that was only a possible option. Unfortunately, if you do not have that superhero gene we just spoke about, chances are you will still be bit from mosquitoes. This is not to say there is no hope for you! Wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, gloves, hats, etc. is the most chemical free way to help reduce mosquito bites. But for those of us in a warm to hot region, this is not an option we want to do because the heat could be more miserable than the pesky mosquitoes. There are also over the counter sprays such as DEET that we cannot recommend for legal reasons, however, a quick call to your physician may get the recommendation needed. I did save the best for last in your hunt for a defense in the mosquito attack.

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Imperial Pest Prevention Mosquito Reduction Programs

Lucky for you, Imperial Pest Prevention offers a mosquito reduction service that is very effective at reducing the population of these parasites on your property, ultimately protecting your pets, family, and yourself. Whether you are looking to have us keep your yard and shrubs mosquito-free, or planning a special outdoor event, we have a targeted pest control mosquito reduction service for your special needs. We deal with a wide variety of landscapes, yards, terrain, and know the proper means to help reduce these pathogen carrying parasites. Our Mosquito reduction program will not only reduce populations of the mosquitoes you already have, but we also identify and remove any harboring sites that mosquitoes will manifest, live, or breed in. Call us at 386-956-9506, we would be glad to help.



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