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What Do I Do if I See a Termite Swarm?

Termite Swarmer

If you are seeing a termite swarm you need the help of a Pest Control Company. Especially if that termite swarm happened indoors. A termite swarm is typically the sign of something much more involved and extensive as far as the infestation aspect goes. Let's kick this pest control blog off the basics to be sure we have the proper identification of termites before taking drastic measures.

What is a Termite Swarmer?

Termite swarmers or also known as secondary reproductives are winged termites whose main role in life is reproducing and creating new termite colonies. Basically they are future kings and queens that pair up to find a mate. Once successful they find a suitable location to start the process of establishing a colony. Here in Florida, they could be either a subterranean termite or Drywood Termite.

Can All Termites Fly?

In a short answer, No. Termites do not fall into the category of a flying insect. Only termite swarmers or the secondary reproductives can fly and that is only during the time of the swarm. The time that the swarmers have their wings is extremely limited as well as they discard them once finding a mate.

The remainder of the termite colony is split into groups known as castes. The remainder of the other termite caste remains hidden such as the Workers, Soldiers, Kings, and Queen.

When Do Termites Swarm?

This can vary depending upon the type of termite. This occurrence is usually at the beginning of spring for subterranean termites as the temperatures start to rise or after rain showers in the evening for Drywood Termites. Termites depend upon environmental signals for when ideal times to start the swarming process.

The time of day termite swarms occur depends on the species of termites.

When the termites do indeed swarm they are attracted to light and will usually be found in these locations. Just because you may have found them in those areas does not mean they came from those locations though however.

Termite Treatment Company

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Well, if after reading this pest control blog post you still believe you have a confirmed case of termites, the good news is we can help. Once you call Imperial Pest Prevention we will send a licensed exterminator to perform a proper inspection of your home and recommend the best appropriate termite treatment for your needs. Termite treatments vary depending on the type of termite, structure layout, and severity of the infestation. Subterranean Termite colonies come from underground and

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require a treatment that consists of inserting a solution below the soil. Drywood Termites may require a Tent Fumigation company which is a treatment of gas.

Termites are prevalent in cities on the east coast of Florida such as Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, South Daytona, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, Deltona, and the greater surrounding areas. Contact Imperial Pest Prevention as we are here to help. We can offer pest control services if it was indeed ants found and we offer House Cleaning services if you need a professional clean up from the termite swarm. Call us at (386) 956-9506. Imperial Pest Prevention / Imperial Cleaning Services, a brand name you know and trust.

Imperial Cleaning Services will be opening the doors April 2020 and is currently accepting pre-bookings as of March 1st, 2020.



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