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What Are These Brown Spots in my Lawn?

My Lawn Has Brown Spots. Is It Infected with Brown Patch Fungus?

Winter is here already. But not every resident is welcoming this season with a broad smile. Many are still recovering from the tough fight they had with pests like the Chinch bugs during the summer. And a lot more people are currently preparing to deal with Brown Patch Fungus. If your lawn is strewn with brown patches, immediately contact a pest control and lawn spray company like Imperial Pest Prevention. We will help diagnose your grass's condition and proffer the best and most timely treatment.

We are a reliable pest control firm, and we have provided pest and termite treatments/management services to Port Orange, Fl. and surrounding area residents for years. We have also helped lawn, shrub spraying, and Palm Tree treatment services owners to maintain healthy plants and adequately control weeds, pests, and diseases.

So here's our candid guide to help you identify and eliminate Brown Patch Fungus from your lawn:

Brown Patch Fungus

If you are a Florida resident and cultivate zoysia and St. Augustine, you should be conversant with this fungus.

It is a type of fungus known to affect lawns during winter, from around November to May. This disease is also commonly observed when ambient temperatures fall below 80 degrees from prolonged rainfall, excessive dampness, and high humidity.

Brown patch Fungus Port Orange, Fl.

This fungus, also known as Rhizoctonia, announces its existence through narrow brown coloration in the grass. This coloration can often take different shapes, from a circular pattern to irregular yellow or orange-tinted brown outlines. At the point of infection, the Brown Patch Fungus is usually not more than 1 foot wide, but it can cover an entire lawn as the infection spreads.

The Brown Patch Fungus can destroy an entire lawn of grass by infecting their roots and then causing their leaves to decay. The grass around an infected area may appear healthy but will rot and die if left untreated.

When you notice that any part of your lawn is beginning to get a brown or orange coloration, do not hesitate to reach out to us. It is safer to begin treatment as soon as the first symptoms of this fungus are noticed.

Treating Brown Patch Fungus Infection

Many factors and activities play their part in damaging the different types of grass grown in this part of the world. These factors range from pest and infectious diseases to human activities like incorrect irrigation, poor nutrition, and inappropriate chemical applications.

Consequently, each of the factors affecting your turf has its unique diagnosis and treatment. And each aspect must be treated accordingly.

When you try to handle an infection or damage by yourself, you expose your grass to the risk of more significant damage without first identifying the issue with experts' help. For this reason, you need to contact Imperial Pest Prevention at the first sign of an infection on your lawn.

When you try to treat this infection without adequate examination, you may end up dealing with the symptoms alone while the root cause remains untreated – even at elevated temperatures.

On arrival, our team of experts will, first of all, inspect your property to place the cause of damage to your lawn correctly. After the examination, we'll discuss every necessary treatment measures needed to restore the health of your yard. We'll also make it a point of duty to administer the treatment in their potent order.

Rid Your Lawn of Brown Patch Fungus

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. It is safer to keep your lawn from getting infected than to attempt to cure an existing disease. And a healthy, well-groomed lawn will hardly get affected by diseases.

As a tip, ensure that your landscape is good enough to accommodate your grass. A lawn situated on a sound landscape will barely be affected by diseases.

Next, always water your lawn and ensure it receives the right quantity of water daily. Proper mowing height for grass is also imperative.

Lastly, you can maintain a lawn packed with green, healthy turf by choosing the best pest control and lawn care service providers. We also offer a professional fertilization process and winter lawn care tips to keep your property entirely healthy.

Curing Your Lawn of Brown Patch Fungus Infection

Since Brown Patch Fungus is a fungal infection, it is usually treated using a unique fungicide that impairs the growth of the fungus. The fungicide also keeps the disease from infecting other healthy parts of the lawn.

While the importance of proper diagnosis remains, it is also crucial to use the appropriate products and correctly. If the wrong products are used, it could aggravate the condition of your turf. And if the right products are misused, they may never be effective in curbing the disease.

This buttresses the fact that you cannot treat a Brown Patch Fungus disease without professional help. You also need to set up regular professional services for your lawn to prevent a reoccurrence of the disease.

Meet Imperial Pest Prevention

If your lawn's health is of utmost concern to you, then you should let us help you keep it healthy. Contact us as soon as possible, and our experts will be up and ready to give your turf the green and healthy look it deserves.

All our experts are adequately certified and equipped to properly inspect, diagnose, and treat your lawn in the most effective way possible. By first carrying out a routine check on your property, we will be able to spot anomalies and signs of infections in your lawn quickly. And the good thing is that we are only a call away!

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