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What Are The Dangers Of Mice And Rats In Your Home?

rat infestation

When an individual hears the word mouse or mice, they think of a cute and furry little creature. When the wording rat is used, unfortunately, it does not go over the same. Rats are commonly often perceived as nasty and gross. What if I was to inform you that if you put aside your personal feeling of each, they are both just as dangerous to your home? A Mouse and Rat infestation is fairly common. Much then you think, especially throughout the fall and winter. Rats and mice are commonly found in homes globally, including the United States and Canada. Want me to tell you another little secret? They are also one of the most destructive, hazardous, and contaminating pests you can have in your home. Throughout the day, rats chew on soft objects and, in some cases, electrical wires. Some mice and rats cause damage to furniture, all while defecating and urinating uncontrollably. Not convinced about a rat infestation causing hazards? We created a powerful list of the harmful and destructive things rodents and mice can do to your home. We will explain why rats and mice are capable of causing the harm and damage they do.

Why Do Rodents Cause So Much Trouble?

The front-most teeth of rodents are known as incisors. The incisors rarely stop developing. To maintain them sharp and functional, they must consistently bite and chew on items. They gnaw through electrical wires, cause harm to furnishings, destroy certain storage materials, stored items in the home, various ductwork, and can chew insulation, among other things. Mice and Rats also deposit feces and urine along their paths, further contaminating food and posing significant health risks to humans and animals.

The Consequences of Having Rodents in Your House

Mice and Rats are a Potential Fire Hazard

mouse chewing a wire

You might be wondering if mice are responsible for house fires. The short and easy answer is that they certainly can. In reality, around 25% of house fires from "unknown sources" are not that unknown; mice or rats, in some of those cases, are known to be actual culprits!

When rats and mice gnaw on electrical wiring, they cause damage to the wires and insulation, resulting in hazardous wiring sparks and overheats, resulting in electrical fires that occur regularly. As a result, we must treat mice and rat infestations as a substantial fire hazard. It is crucial that if you suspect rodent activity in your home, you employ the pest control services of a professional rodent exterminator.

Rodents Pose Risks to Human Health

rodent diseases

As if it could not get worse than what it is already, Mice and Rats can make you sick! Yes, you heard that correctly! Sick! Rodents are well-known for bringing infections into homes. Diseases such as Hantavirus and Tularemia transmit through rodent feces, urine, saliva, and blood, among other things.

Health Risks Indirectly Caused by Rodents:

Rodents can also bring in ticks, lice, fleas, and other known pests into your home, which means they have the potential to further spread even more diseases and pathogens through indirect transmission.

Health Risks Associated with Rodent Bi-Products:

rodent feces

People get sick from rodent bi-products or by-products of rodent activities (like bodily waste or discarded hair and fur.) More often than direct contact with mice in their homes. Rodents are well-known for being unclean pests. In addition to discarding feces and uncontrolled urine in their path, they also discard fur, hair and other excrements (especially where they eat). The most typical way for people to become ill due to rodent encounters is to eat food contaminated with rat droppings. Most of the time, rats eat dry pantry items, but they are not choosy and consume close to anything they can get their hands on.

Food Contamination and Waste by Mice and Rats

Food Contamination

For rats to contaminate your food, they must first gain access. Unfortunately, rats and mice are well-known for finding their way into food stored for long periods. Incredibly, both rodents have a highly developed sense of smell. They can detect the precise location of food even through closed doors, containers, and even walls. Rodents frequently seek homes by following the scent of food in the vicinity.

Once rodents have discovered a food supply, they rarely have difficulty accessing it. Despite their small size, rats can squeeze through a quarter-sized gap. Their gnashing front teeth can tear open boxes and other containers. If rats are allowed to roam free, they will eat and breed indefinitely. Furthermore, rats and mice taking up space rent-free and consuming your food pose an added health danger and considerable financial burden.

Rodents Can Cause Structural Damage to Buildings.

mouse nest

Rodents' activities like eating, chewing, nest building, and reproducing damage your home. Rodents burrow their way through walls, attics, crawlspaces, basements, nooks, and crannies searching for food. In the process, they dislodge insulation and cause damage to weather-proofing materials. Rodents nibble on plastic, fabric, and paper, causing furniture to become brittle and paper items to become ruined. Rats and mice drag insulation, paper, packing materials, and other rubbish into nooks and crannies to build their nests, furthering the damage. Rats and mice also frequently remove nesting material from furniture or home furnishings. What happens after they create a nest? You guessed it! They reproduce, resulting in litters of babies, also known as pups or pinkies. Awww, sounds cute, right? Unfortunately, it is far from a warm, fuzzy experience. Newborn rats and mice proliferate. Before you know it, they begin to bite, pull, tear, and further assist their parents, bigger brothers, and sisters. The damage caused by the prominent rodent families will become exponentially worse with time.

How To Keep Ensure Rodents Do Not Enter Your Home

dead rats on trap

Avoid the damage by enlisting the assistance of a professional rodent control company.

The most crucial prevention plan is to keep rats and mice out of your home to prevent damage and dangers. Furthermore, the most effective approach to keep rodents out of your home is to hire a professional rodent control firm to assist you. Professional pest control companies can get mice and rats out of your house or business and keep them gone for good! Contact Maximum Pest Control, a well-known Canadian pest control company, if you reside in Oakville, Canada, or the Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga locations. If you seek a pest professional in Volusia and Flagler Counties of Florida. Give us a call.


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