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Tis the Season, For bugs on your Christmas Tree?

Now that we have immediately gotten your attention, I am sure the first thing that may have come to your mind was, what in the world can this blog be referring to! Well unfortunately, the title says it all.

As the beautiful Florida cooler temperatures approach, December is now upon us, the Riff Raff and hustle of Thanksgiving has come and passed, we are now in a new holiday frenzy, the one known as Christmas! As exciting as it is with the mad dash around town to shop for loved ones, the festive decorations, pretty lights etc., lets be honest as well, it can be stressful! But with the stress that comes, is it necessary to add more stress?

What do you mean I am sure you must be asking at this point. Well, as most consumers try to save money, many put off home services! And one of the most put off, but most important, is.......can you guess? If you answered pest control, you are right! With over thirty three million Christmas trees sold in the United States on an annual basis, it is possible to have up to 25,000 bugs on one tree alone! Do the Math!

That beautiful fresh cut live Christmas tree that is oh so beautiful and fragrant, can also be deadly! Although that sounds drastic, and it is in most cases, it is indeed true that it can be deadly, cause harm, hospitalization etc. Since we started off with the most drastic insect possibility, I will jump and dive right in, to those invaders that can be introduced directly into your home with that new festive tree this holiday season.


Let me introduce yourself to the spiders! We all know what a spider is and by this point in life, if you are able to read this blog, then you have seen a spider some point in your life. Spiders can be harmless or they can be deadly! Regardless, These creepy crawlers love to make a home in Christmas trees and have been known to frequently inhabit them.

Remember, a Christmas tree was alive in the wild, It can frequent a variety of pests, however, the spider can be detrimental. When you plan on bringing a live tree into your home, we recommend initially putting it in the garage or back porch. These locations will keep it segregated from living locations. At this point, we recommend calling a pest control company such as Imperial Pest Prevention to do treatment of your tree and home. This is a crucial service at this point as we can eliminate the pests before entering your home while offering protection for homes that already have unknowingly introduced pests.


Mites are another commonly found pest on Christmas trees. Several species of Bird Parasites can be found in nesting materials long after a birds nest has been abandoned or removed. Mites can be a headache if introduced into a home. Remember to always allow the tree time to rest in an unoccupied location until your pest control company can come to your home and perform a treatment. Safety precautions are always much easier and most cost effective over the long term.

Other Christmas Tree Invaders

Christmas trees can also at times contain other pests. This list consists of some of the other pests you may find on that beautiful new Christmas tree. These are lumped into one category due to the fact that they do not pose as much troubles if introduced into a home. Some of the other bugs that can be found on these evergreens are Aphids which are pear shaped fleshy insects primarily found in the lower section of tree. Angelids, which give off a light dust coating on evergreens. Pine needle Scale, which will appear as white specs on the pine needles and branches. Bark Beetle, which will cause saw dust like remnants from small openings in the trunk of the evergreen. Praying Mantises, which is a visible elongated insect hat almost has an alien like resemblance who when disrupted, will resume his arms in a praying like position when ready to strike or attack. Lastly we will discuss the Sawfly, typically if found on a tree, one will notice cocoons that have a brown color.

How to prevent unwanted Christmas Surprises

When choosing a Christmas tree it is extremely important to look your new tree over before purchasing. Always pay close attention to the trunk, underside of the branches, and close of the pine needles. If you notice any branches that appear to affected, request the firm you are buying the tree from to trim those sections for you.

When your Christmas tree is getting ready to be loaded, shake it vigorously to dislodge loose pine needles and insects as best as possible

Immediately put your new Christmas tree in the garage, porch, exterior porch etc. when you arrive home. The tree should not immediately be put into your home.

Call Imperial Pest Prevention before the tree is moved into the home or decorated. Your Imperial Pest Prevention technician can treat your Christmas tree prior to moving it in your home. Not only is this service free to current pest control customers, it is the best safe haven to protect your family , pets and loved ones. We can expertly treat the tree prior to introducing it in your home and minimize all pest infestations. Not only will we treat the tree, we will provide an interior and exterior protective barrier treatment.

Last step of importance is to vacuum the droppings and dislodged pine needles from the tree. Not only can they be unsightly, they can pose a possible fire hazard under certain conditions as the dry out.

Remember, If you are in need of Pest Control Services, contact the professionals at Imperial Pest Prevention. Whether you are in need of Christmas tree treatments, Bed Bug extermination, Termites, WDO Inspections, or any other pest related needs, Imperial Pest Prevention has you covered. Big enough to handle any residential, commercial, or industrial needs but small enough to have that personable one on one feel Imperial Pest Prevention (386) 956-9506



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