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Six Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Pests During Storms

Florida storm with palm tree blowing in the wind

Natural disasters are inevitable. This is why homeowners need to reinforce their homes to withstand the devastating effects of such disasters. While homeowners ensure that their homes are strong enough to withstand natural disasters, it is also essential to ensure that pests do not get a leeway to get into your home while seeking shelter after storms have destroyed their habitat.

Here are six tips that'll help you keep pests away from your home during storms and other such disasters

Ramp-up your pest control effects before the storm

In the days leading up to a potential hurricane, inspect your home and yard properly and fix any structural issues that the storm may worsen. Seal all cracks with a silicone-based caulk, fix any leaking water installations, and ensure that your property is sloped in a way that water doesn't flow towards the foundation. Also, clear all trash and keep garbage cans far away from the building.

  1. Drain stagnant water to terminate mosquito breeding

Mosquitoes can breed in a source of stagnant water as small as one full teaspoon. Although you may think that the heavy downpour will eliminate all mosquito populations, the most minute source of stagnant water is enough for a new population to rise. So, empty all water receptacles and drain or pour away all stagnant water before and after the storm.

  1. Dispose of spoiled food to avoid rodents and flies

rat running along water bank

Due to power outage during heavy storms, some of your food items may start to rot, thereby creating a breeding place for flies and rodents. You must put the rotting food in a sealed bag and throw them into the trash can away from your home. Also, ensure that sanitation officers pick up the trash quickly because they could attract wandering rodents that had just been displaced by the flood.

  1. Fix all water damages to prevent termite infestation

Florida home damaged by a storm

When wood becomes damaged by water, it becomes an easy target for termites. Termite infestation can cause damage worth thousands of dollars, so it is necessary to inspect your home after a storm to identify and replace any structure that was damaged by water. Also, fix leaking pipes to avoid pooling of water around the foundation to prevent further damage.

  1. Check for openings due to damages.

Storms cause damages both to homes and animals in their natural habitat. Pests like squirrels, raccoons, mice, and rats will be desperate for shelter. Any damages in your home, such as broken roofing, soffits, and sidings, could be accessible routes through which these pests will get into your home. Look out for any openings due to the storm's damages and fix them to avoid infestation.

  1. Hire a pest control company

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The best approach to safeguarding your home from pest infestation is to hire a pest control company to inspect your home and eliminate all pests and prevent future infestations.



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