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Rats in Abundance During the Coronavirus Lockdown

As humans around the world social distance, businesses close down, and we all change our daily behavior to do our part in the fight to reduce and slow the coronavirus, our absence is causing some non-furry non friends to openly come out of hiding. Yes, you heard that right! Rats are coming out of hiding, and in bigger numbers than before.

Why are rats coming out of hiding during the Coronavirus?

Roof Rats

Great question! Both Norway and Roof rats are in desperate needs of food. They have become more bold and brazen actually foraging during daylight while invading homes, closed businesses, trash cans etc. You see, as the millions of Americans seek shelter indoors to combat the virus which has claimed thousands of U.S. lives, most of these businesses have completely closed or limited current operations or hours. In turn this has resulted in a reduction of the rodents main sources for food. Rats have now resorted to a survival mode. These rats have even started to go to extremes! So much in the way that some have resorted to cannibalism!

Why are rats resorting to cannibalism during the Coronavirus?

Another awesome question! The simple answer is survival. As food becomes scarce,


aggression rises. The rise of aggression and lack of food, causes rodents to fight. In some cases this can result in death and cannibalism. During times like this, Mothers may also cannibalize their young pups. The stress of not being able to provide, or extreme hunger, can also result in this sad outcome. Once rodent food sources suddenly disappear, rats will first begin killing and eating each other before moving on to find other sources of food. With that being said, you may see rats visiting your restaurants or business.

How do I protect my home or business from Rats?

Imperial Pest Prevention Logo

Rodent Exclusion Companies such as Imperial Pest Prevention are a first line of defense. We can seal gaps, crawlspaces, entry points around plumbing etc. It is also important to make sure your trash is discarded properly and in a properly fitted sealed trash can.

If you spot a rodent in or around your home or business, immediately call a rodent exterminator / pest control company. We have a variety of protection methods to employ as well as options to address current infestations one may presently have. Call Imperial Pest Prevention if you suspect rodents or a possible infestation. 386-956-9506.

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