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Preventing Bed Bugs When Traveling

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Hotels, motels, and other hospitality facilities in the past few years seem to be besieged by an annoying tiny creature, the Cimex lectularius, also known with its common name- the bed bug.

Many people have had to cancel or change their travel plans because of these bloodthirsty insects. Worst still, these pests have, on so many occasions, made traveling a horrible experience for lots of travelers. What happens when you want to go for an important business trip or have a planned vacation at a scenic place like Florida with pre-paid reservations, and you're concerned that bed bugs could be an inconvenience? Is there no way around it; a way to prevent bed bugs when traveling?

It might seem like it is impossible to avoid these insects if the hotel where you are lodged is infested with bed bugs. However, there are still many things you are able to do to help prevent them in the course of your trip.

Here are some suggested things you can do to avoid bringing back home unwanted guests from your trip.

Carry your luggage to the bathroom on arrival. Once you get to your hotel room, move straight to the bathroom, and set your luggage on the cold, hard tile. Don't set them down anywhere there around fabrics. Bed bugs thrive on items covered with cloth, and they can hide around beddings.

Inspect the bed and other items in the room

Start with pulling back the bed linen and check out for bed bug signs. Signs you might want to check for include tiny bloodstains and exo-skeletons. Bed bugs are about the size of apple seeds and can be found in the mattresses bedding corners and creases.

Next, look behind the bed to other items and parts of the room. Look behind the picture frames, headboard, underneath books, alarm clock, telephone, furniture, etc. Studies have revealed that bed bugs are likely to be found where people sleep and keep that in mind while doing your inspection.

Notify the hotel management if you find out your room is infested with bed bugs

If you notice your room has bed bugs, call on the hotel management immediately and request another room (at least two floors away from your previous place).

Repeat the bed bug inspection in your new room

When you are moved to new quarters, do not assume that room is free until you have done a thorough inspection just as you did with your previous room. Also, remember to start with setting your luggage on the bathroom floor before you begin the examination.

More safety tips on how to avoid bed bugs when traveling

Here are more pest control tips for your trip:

• Use a plastic zip-up bag or trash bag to wrap your suitcase

• it would be best to use a hard-shelled suitcase instead of a briefcase with a soft fabric

• pack all belongings into your suitcase and seal in a plastic bag

• Open your suitcase or bags only when you want to access the items inside

Here is some good news for hotels operating around Florida: If your hotel is bedbug-infested, we can eradicate them.

Picturesque places like Ormond Beach attract visitors from different parts of the world, but such places might be breeding sites for pests like bed bugs. Our experienced team

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of professional exterminators can thoroughly examine and rid your hotel, lounge, or guest house of bed bugs.

It would help if you acted fast as bed bugs can cause significant loss of revenue for many establishments starting from bringing down their reputations. Contact us as your pest control ormond beach provider and get fast and exceptional service.



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