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Places You Never Knew Pests Were Hiding

A photo of a cockroach on its back, one of the most common insects you will find in  places you never knew pests were hiding.

When preparing for a relocation, one of the biggest parts of the process is packing your belongings. During this step, you will interact with items you probably did not use for a long time. They are somewhere in your home, collecting dust and making friends with the pesky little things known as house pests. Insects are small, and they can crawl everywhere. If you are afraid of bugs, it is best to learn where to find them. Here are the most common places you never knew pests were hiding.

Purses and clothing you did not use for a long time

There is nothing worse than picking up a purse you did not use for a long time and finding bugs inside. If it was stored for a longer period, there are high chances this will happen.

Before you open your purse, take a hammer and start pounding on it like there is no tomorrow. Just kidding. Still, do not be surprised if you find a bug or two inside. Simply open the purse and shake it a little to see if something runs out of it.

If you really want it, you can have the hammer at your hand's reach. However, we also suggest a different approach. We will talk about it a bit later.

Stuffed animals

Old children's toys, like stuffed animals, are the perfect place for pests to hide. Look for small holes on the surface of the toys.

Electrical outlets

This is a pretty common place for pests to hide, even though it does not seem so to many people. If they find a hole in the wall, they will crawl inside at one point. You will probably find a few cockroaches or spiders coming out if you are remodeling the home or doing any electrical repairs.

Cockroaches are nasty, but there are ways to keep them outside of your home. There are proactive measures you can take yourself or simply call pest control.

Decluttering the pantry or a storage room

Once you start taking out the boxes of stored food or whatever clutter you have in your storage or pantry, you will see your little "roommates" coming into the light. When it comes to getting rid of house bugs, junk is your enemy. The best way to make it so this problem never repeats is to keep your home clutter-free at all times. If you are moving into a new place, remember this advice.

Recycling bins

Even though you do not use recycling bins for food, they can still become a home to pests. Tie the garbage bags and throw them away, and if you see any insects in the bin, make sure to thoroughly wash it.

Drawers filled with junk

This is another common place where it is unpleasant to find bugs. All homes have those drawers where you keep small junk you don't know where to put. To clear it out, take out the drawer and empty the content on a flat, clear surface. Make sure to first remove anything breakable. If there are any pests inside, they will run away, abandoning your little treasures.

If you do notice that your home has a lot of pest-related problems, you can always start using pest repellants. Keep in mind that there is a difference between using organic and artificial pest control products. Learn more about it before deciding which one to use.

The refrigerator

No one wants to find pests where they keep food. However, this can happen. The more common location is under the fridge. If you are moving the refrigerator, expect them to come out and greet you. But, you can also find pests inside, especially if you have some expired food.

It is common sense to keep the inside of the fridge clean. Do a check-up every week to see if there is any produce you should throw away.

Packing up the garage

No matter how clean and organized your garage is, you will likely find pests in there. Various tools require oils that may attract insects. There are plenty of corners for spiders to knit their webs and ants or other bugs to use as a home.

If you wish to pack everything up with ease without carrying the insects with you, it is best to empty the garage. Inspect every piece of equipment you have, and make sure it is pest-free.

How often should you perform pest control?

No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, pests will likely find a way into your home. They simply love to gross you out whenever they see an opportunity. If you don't want to celebrate Halloween every day of the year and deal with these pesky insects, it is a smart idea to perform pest controls from time to time.

On a serious note, pests also carry diseases, and some can even be very harmful to your health.

If you live near a forest or on the city's outskirts, you should check for pests every two weeks. You can even check every week if you notice they appear quickly.

If you live in the city, especially in tall buildings, you can schedule pest control quarterly or every six months.

The best approach is to call a professional pest control company and ask them for advice. They will tell you exactly what to do depending on where you live.

These are the most common places you never knew pests were hiding

And there you have it. Arm yourself with patience, bug repellant, and a few slippers with hardened soles. Carefully inspect these places you never knew pests were hiding, and be thorough. Once you get pests, it is hard to get rid of them. They always like to come back. Nevertheless, if you take a proactive approach and make sure to secure your home, you should be able to substantially reduce their numbers or even exterminate them completely. Best of luck!

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