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Pest Prevention? Pest Control? Exterminator? Learn Who is the best to keep you Bug Free

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Pest control companies employ the mentality of controlling pests. This is primarily done in a variety of ways depending upon the pest that one may be seeing. Homeowners have a tendency to only hire a pest service provider when they have an active insect problem they need help with. When that person in need opens up the search to the internet, they will find a wide array of pest service companies, they will also notice the name behind the main companies name, some will say pest control, others pest prevention, exterminator, etc. This can be a bit confusing and while most may not think about the difference, there actually is quite a difference. The exterminator is not the same as the pest prevention company nor is the pest control company the same as the exterminator and vice versa. Let me break down the differences for you so you can understand who is best to protect your home, family and pets from pests.


We will kick this term exterminator off by its simple definition (a person who kills, slays, causes death of a person or animal) Yikes! sounds scary doesn't it? At this point you probably are envisioning a man with a hazmat suit, dressed in black, armed with heavy duty tanks, and pest bombs ready to go to war on those roaches!

And while this may be your envisioned picture in your head, you are right to some degree! An exterminator is kind of that old school pest control company that does indeed go in full throttle when killing bugs. An exterminator typically mixes concoctions of pesticides at strong rates and treats target pests and non target pests indirectly. Typically an exterminator provides a very invasive treatment that is indeed aggressive with chemicals applied usually by spraying walls, voids, and fogging, causing a homeowner to vacate for hours during and after treatment. An exterminator solely relies on the use of chemical applications to eliminate unwanted pests.

Exterminator services are very effective for heavy roach infestations, bed bug treatments and certain other pests, however, are not a long term solution for regular occurring pest programs. Insects become resistant to chemicals over time with continued usage of the same products, can also cause health concerns with overuse, and typically are not good for the environment. In the next category of pest professions we will discuss the Pest Control Company.


The pest control company is just as it sounds. It is a bug company that is primarily looking to "control pests". Most pest businesses on a web search for insect control will turn up a variety of "pest control" companies as this is the most common type of pest service provider. Most of the business owners choose this name because it is a very common search for a consumer who is looking to rid themselves of bugs. Homeowners have a tendency to only hire a pest service provider when they have an active insect problem they need help with.

Pest control companies employ the mentality of controlling pests when the consumer actually has an active pest problem. This is primarily done in a variety of ways depending upon the pest that one may be seeing. Some of these methods could be the use of sprays, baits or insecticide dusts etc. Although pest control companies are also reputable and can handle the job of ridding bugs, you still have that ongoing service schedule throughout the course of the year. This is when the "pest control" company can be less than ideal. You see, a pest control company is there for you when you see insects. That particular service is in place to only "control" pests. If you are seeking to have bugs and make a phone call to company to handle them during that time of already seeing them in your home or business then a "pest control" company is the one for you! Again, both the exterminator and the pest control company can do a spectacular job for you. Many are very reputable, have awesome staff, and are effective. With that being said, times have changed in the pest industry and the methods applied by many of these firms are outdated and irrelevant now. For the next category of pest provider, we will discuss the pest prevention company.


Pest Prevention is as simple as it sounds, prevention of pests. The primary focus of a pest prevention company is to provide a homeowner or business owners, a long term solution to prevent pests from entering the structure one may live in.

Although the initial spray service may be more of the pest control or exterminator type depending upon the severity of pest infestation one may have, the pest prevention company is focusing for your protection in the long run. Most pest prevention companies follow an "IPM" or (integrated pest management) approach. In simple terms, this basically is a program which is focused on prevention, control, and monitoring. This approach helps to minimize the overuse of pesticides which can and will cause insects to adapt to to those particular products causing an immunity. Integrated pest management also helps to handle specific pest problems without directly targeting beneficial insects. This form of pest prevention is also the most effective and minimally invasive for human health, pets and the environment. As I previously stated, even a pest prevention company will still at times practice the exterminator method or a pest control company method but will do so as a last resort. The pest prevention company will also select the least toxic but effective products while applying those products to minimize overuse.


When selecting your pest service provider, it is imperative to do research. It is most important to select a company that has been researched. Luckily in this day and age it is easier than ever. most everyone has Google or some sort of web browser. Most are right in our hand in the form of a cell phone. Regardless of who you choose, it is important to decide if you are looking for an aggressive approach with harsh products applied all of the time / every time, a pest control company who will only handle bugs when you see them already in your home, or a pest prevention specialist whose main focus is to keep you from seeing pests in your home.

At Imperial Pest Prevention, we provide a wide array of pest services to our consumers. We offer an Integrated pest management approach when the option presents itself. Even if we have to exterminate or provide "pest control" on the initial service, our long term goal is to have the pest prevention plan implemented to protect your family, pets and health.

Imperial Pest Prevention, the name to call for all of your pest related needs! (386) 956-9506. With over 50 years combined staff knowledge, there is no one better for pest prevention services!



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