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How We Can Help Keep You Safe During The Coronavirus

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In such scary times of uncertainy, many are living in fear of the pandemic known as coronavirus. It is a very serious manner that should not be taken lightly. According to google there are five very simple measures to take to help reduce the spread

of this infection.


Help stop coronavirus

1. HANDS: Wash them often 2. ELBOW: Cough into it 3. FACE: Don't touch it 4. SPACE: Keep safe distance 5. HOME: Stay if you can

Imperial Pest Prevention Coronavirus Treatments

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Obviously, it is not just as simple as it sounds. There is much more involvement such as Home Cleaning, Sanitation, Pest Control, and these things only work if everyone applies themselves. Because this Pest Control Blog post is kept short and to the point, it will contain post links to Imperial Cleaning Services for those that want to dive deeper about cleaning and tips to help reduce the coronavirus in your home. We also recommend this

Cleaning blog post for tips to help you get through the Coronavirus pandemic. Anyone in need of a cleaning company is recommended to contact Imperial Cleaning Services at 386-243-2443. Now that the cleaning aspect has been addressed, we are going to inform you of how Imperial Pest Prevention can Help you.

Sanitation Services

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In the wake of the chaos, we wanted to offer services that would help our community as well as businesses and others in need. We have broadened our services to offer sanitation. We have employed our services to the community already and will continue to help in the battle of keeping the Coronavirus down. We also have tried to keep the cost of this service down especially during a time of need. The products we use are antimicrobial, viricidal, antibacterial, and will provide a sanitized home. Anyone who may have an interest in having their home sanitized is urged to contact Imperial Pest Prevention at 386-956-9506 so we may discuss the treatment process, options, and rates.



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