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Pest Control New Year's Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions List

Everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning! That one time of year we all seem to get that extra energy boost and finally muster up to face the mess we have accumulated all year long. And while a spring cleaning is great for the home, having a pest control new year's resolution can make it a cinch in the springtime. If maintaining a cleaner home is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, you are not alone. Many people live busy lives and do not always have the time throughout the week to do the cleaning jobs they should. This article is not intended to throw shade at those who may be sulking in guilt right about now. This pest control blog post is meant to do the opposite. Keeping a tidy and orderly home will not just assist you in an orderly way, make you feel more at eased, relaxed, but it will also help in the process of deterring pests. As the bustle of the holiday's ends, a new year begins. And now ids the time! Time for what you ask, Time to invest a little more care into your home. This starts with proper pest control program. Check out these pest control resolutions that will help assist you from a pest infestation. Employ these tips to keep you bug free!

Clean up the clutter and alternative harboring locations.

Let's be honest, we all have that junk drawer, closet, attic, garage, you get the point! That one location we have tend to to kind of shove those random items that just don't seem to have a permanent home. We are all guilty! Don't feel bad! While having one drawer isn't so much of a big deal, having a multitude of these locations can be something much larger. Large amounts of stored items, boxes, paper, cardboard etc. create the recipe for a bug cocktail. Rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, and many other pests love to harbor in these locations. Keeping things to a minimum will be a major asset in keeping pest populations down.

If you find that you are in a situation that you must keep everything that you have, storing those items in sealed totes will allow you to still store those items in a neat manner while still keeping insects out.

Inspect for pests and bugs

As the holidays come to an end, it is majorly important to inspect your home for pests. During the holidays many of us travel, have guests over, family, friends etc. As I am sure all of you have heard by now on the news, we are facing a bed bug epidemic. Many people close to you will share just about anything with you except for bed bugs. many who face a bed bug problem are embarrassed, fell dirty and are ashamed. Those who encounter bed bugs feel like they have gotten them from being untidy or messy. This happens to be far from the truth. Bed bugs will readily hitchhike and accompany your luggage or body home from vacation if they get the chance. They will also pass from one person's home to another in no time from clothing, purses, presents, etc.

While there really is no fingerprinting when someone encounters and unfortunate situation like this, and prevention is a word that doesn't quite exist from stopping this from happening to you, inspections can at least help you get control before a bed bug wildfire comes into your home.

Inspect your bed at the hotels you visit, check the seams, tufts, folds, cracks, crevices etc. Bed Bugs love to frequent these locations. Look for obvious signs of Bed Bugs (click link if you want to learn more). Look for signs of blood-spattered droppings from excrement, eggs etc. These same practices should also be performed in your home of the locations you may have had guests. Couches, pillows, throw blankets, guest bedrooms etc. Not only are bed bugs hitchhikers, but ticks, fleas, German roaches and even lice can join the party and make home of yours. Inspection is a great tool to nip in the bud before it becomes something much larger.

Seal up all the cracks

That Florida sun can be unbearable! Sometimes if you have to do chores, especially those outdoors, the cool weather can be the best time. One major thing to keep pests from entering the inside of a home is to seal up the cracks. Here in Florida, our homes are built on a sandy soil. For this reason, homes will get settlement to some degree. Those small cracks in the foundation, walls, window frames etc. are indeed small to a human, but to an insect, it is like the size of a hallway. The littlest crack will surprise you of how many insects can enter in from something so small.

Yard Maintenance

Maintaining your yard can be the forefront of defense from bugs and pests. By trimming your trees, raking leaves cutting the lawn to a proper length, and employing a proper irrigation techniques and quantity you will help to deter pests. Also having a Lawn Spraying Service like the one Imperial Pest Prevention offers will give your property the main line of defense against bugs. Not only will a lawn spray program protect your home, it will keep it looking beautiful.

Pest Control Service

If you do suspect a pest problem this year, Do not attempt to handle this yourself. Many times, homeowners go out and buy that "miracle solution" watered down pesticide and cause more harm than good. Those products sold over the counter do not have the same strength as the ones used by the professionals. Therefore professionals have the license to apply them. It is also important for a homeowner to understand that not every pest issue can be treated with the same ingredients and in doing so can cause infestations to spread or worsen. Instead, contact a pest control professional such as Imperial Pest Prevention. We perform all services with an Integrated Pest Management approach. Pest Control services nowadays cost less than it does for a homeowner to purchase and do themselves. Remember the name to call for all your pest control needs. Imperial Pest Prevention, a name you know, and trust!

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