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Pest Control in the Face of Covid-19 Pandemic

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Due to the prevalent coronavirus pandemic, most activities around the globe have either been halted or staggered. But then, while people can no longer go about their regular routines, pests are still out infesting homes.

Unfortunately, the virus doesn’t make it any easier for people to cope with pest infestations. Hence, pest control experts are still devoted to keeping their clients safe and pest-free. Even if pest control processes may not be as they used to be, experts always look for possible ways to help you deal with pests.

Experts have found ways to manage infestations from the many resources available on pest control in light of the pandemic while still adhering to social distancing rules.

Virtual Support

Several blogs have published materials on the effects of the virus on pest control, and most American states have also issued general guidelines for pest control during the pandemic. Pest control companies are also prompt to follow these guidelines. They are to ensure that pest controllers and homeowners do not become exposed to the virus during pest control processes.

Since physical contact should now be avoided as much as possible, pest controllers resort to email and phone calls to support their clients. They are doing everything possible to ensure that customers receive all the support they can get through virtual channels.

Makeshift Pest Infestation Relief

Since most pest control companies are currently avoiding situations that would require

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them to visit homes, they’re offering homeowners alternatives to physical services.

Contact your pest control company for standard guidelines on how to deal with pest infestations in your home. Some companies may provide you with some pest control knowledge, while others may have someone guide you over the phone.

Pest Controllers May Be Working From Home

Pest control companies, just like other businesses,

now operate from home. However, in rare cases, pest control experts, while working from home, may sometimes need to visit your home.

In the event of a Pest Control Call In

Pest control experts will need to visit your property for treatment while the pandemic is still occurring. However, if it becomes imperative that they stop by for a service call, you must follow some guidelines.

  • Before scheduling a call-in time for pest control experts, inform them about any self-isolation case(s) you may have in your home.

  • When a visit is feasible, not more than one expert should treat your home at a time. This is to ensure that social distancing rules are not violated.

  • Your pets and every member of your household should always be nothing less than 2meters away from the pest controller.

  • Ensure that the treatment areas are not stuffy and clean. If you must converse with the expert, use an outdoor space. If confined to a home, consider having a house cleaning service.

In conclusion, the National Pest Technicians Association has also released specific regulations by which pest control experts can safely treat infestations during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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