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Lawn Watering Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

Lawn Watering Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

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Summer is here, and it means most homeowners are going to start getting pretty concerned about the wellbeing of their lawns. It is common knowledge that the heat and dryness that accompanies summer is the last thing lawn grass need to stay healthy. When they don’t get adequately watered, the summer heat will sap all their beauty and greenness in no time.

So, if you own or nurture a lawn, the best care to administer to it this summer is to water it regularly. However, merely directing water to your lawn isn’t much of a solution to this summer challenge. Not to worry, Ormond Pest Control has you covered when it comes to giving your turf the best care you can ever imagine. We have a lineup of professional tips to help you understand the most convenient lawn watering methods.

The Best Time to Water Your Lawn

The ideal time of the day to water your lawn is those cool morning hours before the sun becomes scorching. At those times, evaporation rates are usually lower, and your grass can absorb enough water before the sun's heat begins to foster evaporation. Your lawn also gets to stay cool enough during the hot afternoons when they are watered in the early hours of the morning.

Another ideal time to water your lawn is during the late afternoons, right before the cool evening. Try not to water when the sun at its hottest, even when it seems like the best time to save your grass from drying out. You’ll only end up wasting water and damaging your turf as it would evaporate before reaching its roots. Water and heat are also not the best combinations for your grass blades. You sure do not want to end the summer with overcooked grass in your lawn.

Also, watering your lawn at night or late in the evening is not ideal. You will only foster the development of fungal and several other types of diseases in your grass.

Install the Ideal System for Sprinkling

For homeowners who love to have healthy grass in their yard, the in-ground watering system is your best bet for watering. Go for systems with pop-up sprinkler heads, which waters your lawn with the right amount of water and at specific periods.

However, if the in-ground system is beyond your budget for your lawn, the pulsating system is another sprinkling system that is worth your investment. It waters your lawn horizontally, such that more water reaches your grass without evaporating or wasting.

Enhance Efficient Use of Water in Your Lawn

Watering a large lawn can sometimes get annoying if you are doing it alone. Installing a timer in your sprinkling system can help you monitor the watering process even when you are not around. You can also install timers with flow-rate measuring sensors so that your grass gets the right amount of water all the time.

Ensure Your Lawn Gets Enough Water

Ideally, each watering routine is supposed to get the soil in your lawn wet up to six inches deep. Hence, it is essential always to ensure your yard gets as much water for every watering session.

A screwdriver with a long blade can be useful in checking how much water your lawn gets. If you can penetrate the soil up to six inches without resistance, it means your turf has received enough water. If not, you will have to leave your sprinkler on a little longer.

Get Help From Lawn Experts

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Even when you know how best to water your lawn, professional help is something you do not want to cut out if you love your yard healthy. At Ormond Pest Control, we give you peace of mind by making your lawn's health our responsibility. We offer lawn care, pest control, as well as lawn fertilization and irrigation services. Reach out to us today and begin the journey of perfect health for your lawn.



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