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Is Your Pest Control Company Making You Sick?

Well? Are they? Oh, you may have thought I meant make you sick as in actually health sick! No, now a days with major advances in the pest control industry, most pest control products are relatively safe if applied according to labels.

What I am referring to is sick in the way of your pest control company's practices. In this day and age we live in a digital world, a fast paced world of emails, automatic debits, paperless communication, and a loss on human interaction and contact. While millennials and the younger generation have adapted to this new way, it is not the case for those born before this generation. What about them? What about those who like to receive that phone call from a human, pay their technician direct, speak to a human when they have concern? What about them?

I have personally heard over the years how this generation has been placed in a take it or leave it society. How other pest control companies have pushed them away with forceful tactics, company policies, procedures, and paperless auto pay.

We at Imperial Pest Prevention welcome you as we have so many others. We welcome you with our freedom, exceptional customer service, and human interaction. At Imperial Pest Prevention, you are more than just an account number. You are more than just a production stop. You are more than just a payment. At Imperial Pest Prevention you are a voice, a name based customer, and a custom tailored one at that.

Whether you prefer your pest control to be paid to the technician, a card on file, mail in payments, you have the freedom, join us at Imperial Pest Prevention! If you want to speak to an actual human, have stops confirmed by a personal friendly voice, join us at Imperial Pest Prevention! Still prefer to have paper invoices and service work orders? Prefer to have emailed invoices and service work orders? Join us at Imperial Pest Prevention!

We at Imperial Pest Prevention pride ourselves on customer service. We can accommodate any ones busy schedule. We offer pest control services for anyone's budget and hectic life. If you need residential, commercial, or industrial pest control services look no further than Imperial Pest Prevention. Call us at (386) 956-9506. Imperial Pest Prevention, a brand name you know and trust! Whether you need a pest control company, lawn spray service, core aeration service, bed bug exterminator, termite treatment company, tent fumigation specialist, WDO inspection company, or any other pest prevention service needs we are here for you!



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