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How to Winterize Your Florida Lawn?

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Some Floridians are confused as to why their lawn turns brown in the winter. Your lawn is going into shock as a result of the frigid weather. As the colder months approach, your lawn enters a dormant stage, slowing its growth pace. Your lawn will require less mowing and watering if it grows at a slower rate. Winterizing your grass will help it stay healthy during the cold season, increasing its survival chances without harm or disease. To accelerate your lawn's recovery in the spring, you must prepare it with the correct care.

Follow these tips for winterizing your lawn for best grass health in the winter:

It is critical to mow your lawn correctly all year, especially during the winter months, to keep it healthy. Your grass should be cut to an appropriate height, and it's best to leave it a little longer in the winter to protect the roots from the cold. Typical lawns are Saint Augustine or Bahia grass, with winter mow heights ranging from 3.5" to 4". Other grasses will need mowing up to a height of approximately 2"-2.5". Water is not necessary for growth during the winter because your grass's growth rate has slowed. Because there isn't much heat in the winter, you can rule out evaporation and the possibility of your turf being scorched by the sun. Irrigation should be done every 1-2 weeks at the absolute least. When your lawn is thirsty, look for your footsteps in the grass after walking over it, as this is a solid sign that it needs water.

-Fertilization Treatment Of Lawns

It is not suggested that residents in North and Central Florida fertilize their lawns throughout the winter. Your grass may look to be dead after the freeze period. Consider that the lawn has been exposed to frigid weather, which affects practically all plants, grasses, and trees in the same way. Many individuals believe their yards have died and attempt to revive them by fertilizing them. After a freeze, fertilizing your grass may do more harm than good. If fertilizer is used, make sure it has a low nitrogen level and a high potassium content since this will help during the spring recovery phase. The spring weather will gradually nurture the grassroots, initiating the natural cycle of emergence from hibernation. Once new growth appears, your grass will quickly return to its previous state. If you live in the Daytona Beach or Palm Coast, Fl. locations and seek a lawn spray company. Call Imperial Pest Prevention .

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