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How to Spot and Eliminate a German Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

The German cockroach is the most popular cockroach species found in Daytona Beach, Fl. and surrounding areas. So if you reside in Florida, and you have sighted a cockroach crawling around your home, there may be a good chance you are dealing with a German roach.

Another possible fact when you see German cockroaches often is that your home is most likely under attack! These cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate, and a small infestation could very quickly get out of hand when not controlled.

But not to worry, we are a Daytona Beach pest control company, and we are here to help. Besides providing you with this valuable information about German cockroaches, we are also ready to offer our professional pest control services if you cannot get rid of those pesky roaches all by yourself.

What German Cockroaches Look Like

Adult German Cockroach Image

German cockroaches prefer the environment inside your home than they do the outdoor environment. And you’ll often see them crawl across the floor or on the bathroom wall.

German cockroaches have light brown bodies with two dark stripes at the back of their heads based on their physical features. They are winged – just like other species of cockroaches – but hardly fly. You’d mostly see them crawling around the humid places in your home.

And just as you shouldn’t joke with any other pest infestations in your home, German cockroach infestations are to be considered a severe threat to your health. For one thing, they carry disease-causing bacteria and can stimulate asthma symptoms in you and your family.

Identifying a German Cockroach Infestation

If you see more than one German cockroach around your home, then there are chances that your living space has been infested. Here are other signs by which you can identify a German cockroach infestation around your home: See the pest control cockroach identification video below:

Roaches in Daylight German cockroaches are nighttime creatures. Anyone of them that is found parading your home during the day has most likely strayed from its intrusion. You may want to take this as a clue to begin your hunt for those pesky roaches around your home.

Roach Excreta

German cockroaches will readily infest your home, leaving some of their excreta on locations in your home.

To identify cockroach excreta, look out for tiny particles that look like ground coffee or black pepper on walls and hidden areas.

Moldy Odor In Dark Corners

A German cockroach infestation can be noticed through a moldy stench in the corners of your space. Since cockroaches like to hide in these corners, the chemicals they secrete can accumulate to produce such terrible stench.

Increase in the Number of Small Cockroaches In Humid Areas

The humid areas in your home – your kitchen and bathroom – are the best relaxation spots for German cockroaches. Your soaps, food wastes, and toothpaste, complemented by the moisture and warmth in these places, make them perfect hideouts for cockroaches.

So, you’ll know there’s a German cockroach infestation in your home when you find that a good number of smaller cockroaches are trooping in for food and warmth each day.

Cockroach Skin and Remains

Since a German cockroach infestation means there are more than enough of them around your home, you’ll be sighting a lot of cockroach discarded exoskeletons and dead bodies.

How to Rid Your Home of German Cockroaches

There is no better time to rid your home of German cockroaches than the point when you discover their presence. The steps below will help assist with a pest control program to keep them away from your living space. Watch this pest control video for tips to prevent the breeding of cockroaches.

  1. Maintain Proper Hygiene in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Take the first step in eliminating German cockroaches from your home by getting rid of the things that attract them. Always clean up your kitchen and bathroom, and keep them dry all the time.

  1. No Trash Around

Your trash will always contain some treats for German cockroaches. So, make sure that you never leave any for them. If you cannot take out the garbage before nightfall, ensure that the cans are appropriately sealed and cannot be accessed by pests.

  1. Dehumidify Your Living Space

As long as your home remains moist and warm, German cockroaches will always find a way to survive in it. A dehumidifier is your best bet to keeping your home dry and free from pest infestations.

  1. Clean Out Your Pet Food Bowls

German Cockroaches will feed on anything – including your pet’s food. Always ensure that you clean out your pet bowls now and then so that those roaches will have nothing to survive on.

  1. Seal Your Foods

When cockroaches don’t find food in the trash and your pet bowls, the next place they’ll head for is your cooked and raw foods. Always keep your pots and food containers closed and away from the reach of cockroaches. Use airtight containers and food bags to store your food items whenever applicable.

Help Assist you Pest Control Company Kill German Cockroaches with These Methods.

If eliminating the food source and shelter of German cockroaches doesn’t get them out of your house, you may want to consider killing them. Follow the cockroach service prep video below

  1. Use a DIY Cockroach Trap

To kill cockroaches, set a trap for them using petroleum jelly, any food, and a bowl.

Place the food in the bowl, and apply petroleum jelly all over the bowl. Cockroaches will not see the jelly and will get trapped when they attempt to get the food.

  1. Bicarbonate of soda

Mix parts of baking soda and sugar in equal amounts with water and place it at any cockroach hideout entrance. The baking soda will explode in their stomach when they consume it.

Hire a Pest Control Company Like Imperial Pest Prevention

Dealing with cockroaches can be stomach-churning, and not everyone wants to be involved in that. So, if you happen to find that you are in this category of people, reach out to a Pest Control Company like Imperial Pest Prevention.; we are a German cockroach exterminator and can have you back to normal living before you know it. Suppose you need pest control in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and an exterminator in Port Orange, Palm Coast, or Deltona. In that case, we offer all of our pest control services to all of Volusia and Flagler Counties of Florida. Call us at (386)956-9506: Imperial Pest Prevention, A brand name you know and trust.


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