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How to Ensure a Kid & Pet-Friendly Lawn

Family Laying on a Lawn

When children play, there isn’t so much an adult can do to prevent them from injuries completely. At the very best, you should ensure that the play area is relatively safe for them.

So, if your kids resort to playing in your yard, here’s what you can do keep them out of harm’s way:

Allow Products to Fully Dry After a Lawn Spray Service

It is no coincidence that most Lawn Spray treatment flags always have ‘caution’ on their labels. This warning is exactly what you should do to keep the kids safe as they play in the yard. Fertilizers, pesticides, and detergents should be allowed to dry before allowing pets and children on the lawn.

Clean Out Yard Items That Can Retain Standing Water

Mosquitoes are known to breed in freshwater like the rainwater that collects in containers left outside. These mosquitos can bite and transmit diseases like West Nile, Zika virus, and malaria to children during play. So, unless you have an operating swimming pool around, you should drain every stagnant water body. Containers that also collect and store these waters should be emptied and covered. A mosquito reduction service works wonders for reducing these blood-sucking parasites on your property.

Remove Sharp, Hazardous Items

If you don’t want those tiny feet and arms to get injured by sticks, stones, and other sharp objects, always rid your yard of hazardous items. Also, trim low-hanging tree branches so that they do not hurt kids.

Gutters and waste heaps should also be cleaned out, as some dangerous pests can make their abode in them. Woodpiles and debris can equally become shelter to venomous snakes and insects. It is recommended to employ a Pest Control Company to frequently spray the exterior, provide a lawn spray service, and apply snake repellent services. Home Services such as this help minimize insect activity in your home and reduce an unwanted bite.

Lyme-transmitting ticks love to hide in long, unkempt grass. So, cut your grass regularly to ensure that the presence of ticks does not endanger your children. The more groomed the lawn is, the less likely you will require a spider exterminator or ant pest control service. Maintaining a lawn with a proper cut will also ensure insecticides can be applied easier during a Flea spray service if you ever need one.

Uproot Poisonous Plants

Some plants and Fungi like the wild mushroom and holly berries are poisonous and can cause health complications when swallowed. Other unsuspicious plants like oaks and poison ivies can cause reactions to your children upon contact. Always ensure that you take such plants out of your yard, teach your children to identify them, and avoid touching them while playing.

Also, resist the temptation to cultivate colorful plants near your children’s playground. Dangerous pollinators like bees are often not very far from such plants.

Cover Up Sandboxes After Play

The same way children love sand, so do cats and kittens. The only difference is that cats and some wildlife prefer to use sandboxes as litterboxes when no one is watching and transmit diseases to your children. So, always endeavor to cover sandboxes after your children have had a field day in them.

Choose their Play Items Carefully

As you install fixtures and buy play items for your children, always have their safety in mind. Install only strong and stable swings or slides to prevent accidents during play. Also, ensure that sharp edges are either covered or padded to avoid cuts during playtime.

Port Orange Pest Control Company Imperial Pest Prevention

Port Orange Pest Control

Regular Pest Control Services such as general exterminator services for your home and lawn can help ensure a safety net for your home. Remember always to allow those products to fully dry before allowing the pets to go out and potty and the little ones to play. Imperial Pest Prevention offers pest control services in Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, and the remaining greater Deltona, Fl. Locations.


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