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How Do I know If I have Bed Bugs?

The scary words "Bed Bugs" are words that the majority of people do not want to hear or even consider encountering in their abode. The very idea produces chills down the spine. Some signs of bed bugs are easier to spot than others. Here are ten signs indicating that you have a bed bug infestation.

Unfortunately, these pests are difficult to identify and even more challenging to eliminate without the assistance of a qualified and skilled Bed Bug Removal Service.

Therefore, Imperial Pest Prevention is here to inform you of the most typical indicators of bed bugs and to assist you in eliminating them if they are discovered.

It is important to get a positive ID of bed bugs from a reputable bed bug inspection company since there is a multitude of bugs that have been mistaken as bed bugs.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed Bugs are small, wingless, reddish-brown insects, about the size of an apple seed or flaxseed, that reside in the cracks or seams of your mattress or box spring and feed on your blood as you sleep. Bed bugs' preferred and primary food source is human blood, although they have been observed feeding on other animals.

Bed bugs are also common in single-family houses, condominiums, apartments, hotel rooms, hotels, and recreational vehicles. Bed bugs have also been reported infesting retail outlets, movie theaters, cruise ships, retirement communities, public transportation, and restaurants.

Can Bed Bugs Make You Sick?

Yes!, Well, not as you may think. Bed bugs themselves will not directly make you sick however, they can indirectly from secondary infections due to irritated bites being scratched, rubbed, or picked at by the victim. For further information regarding Can Bed Bugs Make You Sick?, read further Pest Control Blog posts on our website page.

Where do bedbugs originate?

These little bloodsucking hitchhikers have existed for countless centuries. It is widely believed that these insects were the first cave dwellers to feed on bat blood, but they shifted to human blood after humans emerged from caves eons ago.

How did they gain access to you? Easy question to answer. Bed bugs are hitchhikers that can come from a rental car, a motel you stayed in during a business trip, perhaps even furnishings from a garage sale along with many other possibilities. It is important to be aware of How To Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling. Despite their diminutive size, bed bugs are deceptively swift, covering approximately 5 feet in one minute. They may crawl into your luggage or clothing to hitch a ride or to deposit eggs before returning to their hiding place.

Bed bugs can survive up to ten months and can go without food for weeks or months. They can also pass through walls and wallpaper.

What are the most prevalent early indications of bed bugs?

Bed bug bites are typically the first visible sign of an infestation. If so, you will need to look for actual bed bugs. They can be tough to locate, so you will need to investigate their preferred hiding areas beforehand. Cracks, seams, and crevices within the mattress, box spring, bed frames, headboard, pillowcases, and bed linens. In addition to baseboards, it is prudent to search couches and all upholstered furniture.

Bed bug shell casings are the second most prevalent indication of bed bugs. These exoskeleton casings will be a translucent yellowish-brown color. Since bed bugs have five molts from nymphs to adults during their development, the lost exoskeletons may be of varying sizes.

Bed bug eggs are a further indication of their presence. These eggs and eggshells are around 1 mm in length and the breadth of a microscopic pinhead and can be undetectable to the naked eye. A female bed bug can lay up to seven eggs daily and typically hatch within ten days.

Bed bug feces, bloodstains, or a musty odor are additional indications that you have these insects. Droppings or feces will appear as dark patches that resemble ink pen dots. Similarly, blood stains will consist of random small blood particles. Both may be on the mattress, box spring, bedding, and pillowcases. In extreme circumstances, a musty odor will smell like rust, wet towels, or mildewed clothing.

Twenty percent or more of the U.S. population is allergic to bed bugs and may exhibit symptoms of bed bug bites, although the majority of the lucky bed bug victims may not exhibit any allergic symptoms. This 20% of the population may experience severe itchy welts, hives, and even blisters with a few learning How Bed Bugs Make You Sick.

Bed Bugs can hide on the human body.

The straightforward answer is no; they cannot. Bed bugs may adhere to clothing to move to a new location or lay eggs, but they will only feed while their host is sleeping so as not to be discovered before returning to hiding. Bed Bugs cannot fly either. They are wingless insects that are nevertheless annoying. For other bed bug myths, please see our other blog post.

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you have visually seen bed bugs or suspect you may have a bed bug infestation, or if you notice any of the various indicators of bed bugs, your best chance is to contact a qualified exterminator familiar with the most effective chemicals.

Due to their toxicity and proximity to our families and pets, numerous chemicals and potent pesticides were prohibited or weakened decades ago. Here is another blog article with additional information regarding the history of this matter.

The personnel at Imperial Pest Prevention have over a century of experience exterminating bed bugs. We are your number one exterminator for all types of pest control, including bed bugs.

How Much Is a Bed Bug Removal Service?

Another great question. Bed Bug spray services vary in price depending upon severity of the infestation, size of the home, layout of the home, and the state you reside in. As you can see, Bed Bug Exterminator Prices vary, and there is not one given price.

How Do I prepare For A Bed Bug Exterminator?

Great Question! Bed Bug Preparation can be a time consuming procedure. Luckily our comprehensive Pest Control YouTube channel has most any video to answer any of your pest control related questions.

Suppose you reside in St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Deland, Deltona, Debary, Sanford, or any other Flagler County, Volusia County, Seminole County, or St. Johns County of Florida, we can help! Bugs want in, don't just hire a pest control company, hire an expert. Contact Imperial Pest Prevention today


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