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Grey Leaf Spot Fungus Treatment

Each season of the year plays a unique role in maintaining the lush green vegetation of the lawns in Florida. However, each of these periods also comes with its peculiar challenges. The months of August down to September are characterized by increased humidity and persistent rainfall, both of which promote the activities of Grey Leaf Spot Fungus.

During this period, lawns in Daytona, Ormond Beach, Deland, New Smyrna, Edgewater, Palm Coast, and other Florida areas are often plagued with Grey Leaf Spot Fungus. But then, the good news is that we have the treatment to wipe them all off from your lawn.

Grey Leaf Spot Fungus can wreak havoc on a lawn if it’s not treated quickly. It could destroy an entire blade of grass and advance towards the runner, where it proceeds to kill more grasses. Among other pests, grey leaf spot fungus causes the most annoying kind of destruction. It can destroy a lush green lawn and turn it into a dirty brownish mess.

Protracted rainfall, high temperatures of 80-90 degrees, and high humidity above 95% are all favorable to the lifecycle and activities of grey leaf spot fungus. What makes these pests extremely dangerous and destructive is that they start attacking grasses from the bottom of the grass blade; hence they must have caused lots of destruction before the average technician can identify the problem. Even after the problem has been identified, the technician may not save the affected grasses apart from killing the pests with fungicide and waiting for fresh vegetation to sprout.

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Unlike Dollar Spot Fungus, nitrogen treatment is not the best option for treating Grey Leaf Spot Fungus. Applying nitrogen on the lawn may be counterproductive because nitrogen could melt the yard completely. Howbeit, melting the turf could still kill this pest as long as the treatment contains fungicides. However, this isn’t the best approach to managing grey leaf spot fungus because it will take a long time for the leaves to grow again, and until that happens, the lawn will remain a brownish eyesore.

Early detection is the key to managing and eradicating grey leaf spot fungus. Once you have detected the pest early, the technician must commence treatment immediately following the instructions written on the chosen fungicide.

This process requires an expert who understands the fungicide application rates and the necessary follow-up treatments. Therefore, it is critical to hire an experienced technician. At Imperial Pest Prevention, we are a team of pest control experts that can help you eliminate grey leaf spot fungus and other pesky pests from your lawn. Contact us today at 386-956-9506.


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