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Do I Have Termites or Winged Ants?

Many times as the Spring approaches us and the short winter here in Florida comes to an end, we encounter new winged insects in the spring. As the phone at Imperial Pest Prevention starts to receive an influx of calls, many of the calls come in with a common statement. "I think we may have termites!" Although that may be the case at times, it is not always the case. Sometimes it could be winged ants. But how do we know? Great question, If you have watched the video above, you will see that it is fairly easier to diagnose the difference between flying ants and termites. This will usually give you a straight forward answer if you need to have a Termite Treatment, a WDO Inspection Company, Tent Fumigation Specialist, or a General Pest Control Company for the extermination of ants.

Do I have Termites?

Termite Swarm Imperial Pest Prevention

Termite Swarmers have straight antennae and wide bodies without a restricted waist. They are more full-bodied shaped like a coke bottle with a straight waist. They are black in color or brown depending upon them being either Subterranean Termites or Drywood Termites. The termite swarmers also have clear equal length front and back wings with two veins, or oil sheen appearance wings depending upon the species of termite found, and will always have straight antennae.

Do I have Winged Ants?

Winged Ant Imperial Pest Prevention

While both termites and ants have four wings, the winged ants have noticeably larger wings in the front than the pair in the rear of the insect. The ant's antennae are also elbow-shaped. The ant wings are shorter and more proportionate to their bodies which also have a pinched restricted waist appearance.

Need a Pest Control Company?

If you are still unsure at this point? Maybe just want a second opinion? Know that Imperial Pest Prevention is here for you. We are a one-stop pest control company that can handle any termite or pest control problem you may have. We have a variety of treatment options and programs to accommodate any budget. Give us a call at (386) 956-9506. Imperial Pest Prevention, a brand name you know and trust!



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