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Bugs That Have Been Mistaken As Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a constant source of worry, especially in an infested home. We see them in areas we service from Palm Coast, Fl. Throughout the greater Daytona Beach, Fl. service locations. Sleeping on an infested bed or linens is can cause extreme discomfort as one might wake up to several itchy bites. Scratching the bites will result in bleeding and blistering. Secondary infections have been known to occur when harmful bacteria attack those blisters. If a bite begins to ooze with pus, it is time to drop that tropical cream and see a doctor.

Bed Bugs can wreak emotional and psychological havoc on people living with them. Bed bugs prevent sleep, leading to depression and insomnia.

Bed bugs are a menace that should be avoided and eradicated by a bed bug exterminator. The first step to achieving this is to identify the bug. However, differentiating bed bugs from other species can be difficult. Sometimes, it may require a pest control expert's services or the use of a high-resolution microscope.

In this article, you will find different bugs that possess similar features to bed bugs. Once you have identified, you can begin eradicating with pesticides formulated for that particular bug.

Close-up of flea

1. Fleas:

These bugs are about 1/8 inch in size, reddish-brown. Like bed bugs, fleas are laterally flattened. Flea bites can be itchy and can also lead to secondary infection if left untreated. Fleas generally infest a home through pets that have been playing outside.

carpet beetles

2. Carpet Beetles: they are similar to bed bugs save for their black color, orange scales, and whitish patterns. Carpet beetles can be found nestled within the flooring. Also, carpet beetles can fly during the day while bed bugs are nocturnal. People allergic to its hair might experience itchy welts, but it rarely crosses over to humans to feed.

3.                Bat Bugs: as the name implies, bats are their primary source of food. They only jump on humans when bats are absent. Bat bugs are found in chimneys, attics, and anywhere else categorized as bat habitats. It is unlikely to find one in your bedroom. They are similar to bed bugs in size, color, and shape (oval). A distinguishing feature is the hair on their head, which is longer than bed bugs.

4. Spider Bugs: It is dark-reddish brown with their thorax, antennae, legs, and heads covered with pale yellowish hair. Spider bugs are not dangerous to humans directly. They tend to feed on grains like wheat and rye. Likely to be found in pantries. They are oval, similar to bed bugs, and are similar in size to them.

5. Lice: this is probably the most popular of the five. Most people are familiar with head lice but fail to consider other harmful species and similar to bed bug bites. Without a thorough inspection, it is difficult to differentiate bed bugs from lice because they have the same oval shape and reddish-brown color. Lice bites are itchy and can lead to painful blisters.

If you find that you are experiencing bites or marks or visible symptoms you feel may be related to insects, it is crucial to call in a pest control company to identify. With the pandemic on the rise, bed bugs have flourished and are much more abundant than in previous years. It is also advisable to seek a dermatologist to inspect as they are professionals in looking at your skin. Pest Control professionals are not able to assist in that department.; It is advisable to contact a pest specialist if you live in the Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, or Deltona, greater area. Imperial Pest Control can help to identify the type of bug infesting your home to eliminate them.



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