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Best Hiding Spots For Spiders

black widow

Pests are the last things you want to sight in your home. But even after taking every necessary step to keep them away, there are one pest you can’t completely get rid of – spiders!

Spiders are more challenging to spot and eliminate from homes because they love to hide. You don’t get to see them marching in straight lines like ants, neither do you find them perching around your food like flies. And although some spiders are completely harmless, others can be quite harmful.

So, if you’re tired of sharing your home with spiders look in the following places to get rid of them:

Dark, Enclosed Places

If there is any area in your home that is enclosed and usually dark, you may want to light it up and check for those web-producing insects. Spiders love dark hideouts where they won’t have disturbances.

Have pest control experts sweep out your garage and basement, and afterward, ensure that every entry point in them is entirely sealed. Close up cervices and holes on the wall, and also install door sweeps.

The Corner of Ceilings

If you must get rid of spiders, do not leave the corners of your ceiling whenever you dust your home. Spiders love being between your ceiling and walls because it is a perfect spot for building their webs.

Among Plants

If you’ve got any form of vegetation around your home, you should check them regularly for spiders and their webs.


If you store wood or hay piles at your home, you want to make sure you’re not creating a hideout for spiders and other pests. Cover every collection with solid materials or keep them on raised platforms away from your home and the reach of rodents and pests.


banana Spider

In your quest to make your home entirely pest-free, clutter is one thing you must do away with, and that is excessive stored items. If you have any clutter in your home, it is advisable to contact the best Ormond Beach Pest Control company to sweep through your property. Spiders – alongside other pests – must have built homes and even reproduced in those clutters.

Afterward, store necessary items in airtight storage above the ground. And also, get rid of things you no longer need so that you do not have clutters accumulating after a while. It never hurts to have a house cleaning service as well to work their magic.

Beneath Furniture

Spiders will undoubtedly love the areas underneath your furniture because they are dark and not customarily disturbed. Hence you’ll want to vacuum underneath that favorite sofa of yours now and then.

Under Sinks

The area under your sink is usually humid and isolated – spiders will certainly not miss building a web or two there. Ensure that this area is always cleaned out.


Don’t expect spiders to keep off your closets simply because they are your closets. Closets are usually dark, and some spots can go days without being touched. Always ensure that you clean out your closet once in a while, particularly those pairs of shoes you haven’t worn in weeks.



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