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As Summer temperatures are upon us, so are the snakes!

Venomous snake striking

It is no secret that we did not have much of a Spring this year in Florida. It is almost as if it jumped directly into Summer full force. The massive heat wave, the humid air, and the afternoon thunderstorms let us know we are in for a hot one this year. Yes!, Indeed, The Summer is here. We all are aware that the summer brings in many bugs and insects. The hot air that the insects regulate their metabolism from has put them in overdrive. Termites are swarming, Roaches and ants are also having a Heyday.

But what about those cold blooded friends who live around our homes? The Snakes! Those slithering reptiles that all to often have a bad rap. Most homeowners do not jump for joy when seeing snakes. They actually usually run, in the opposite direction, and for good reason.

Although many snakes are harmless, many can also be venomous. No one wants to get close enough to make that determination, nor should anyone. Here in Florida, snakes are in abundance and can pose life threatening danger to homeowners and

their pets as well as family. That is correct, one bite from the wrong snake can end fatally for anyone.

Remember how we discussed that hot weather kicking up the activity for those pesky bugs? Well, the same goes for snakes. That extreme heat also has the snakes

in overdrive. They are much more active, can be more aggressive, and can react at a

much faster rate then when its cooler.

We have compiled a few helpful tips to help you minimize the risk of encountering these scary creatures.

Snake in Hiding

1). Use the Imperial Pest Prevention Snake Repellent service. With regular applications of our snake repellent services, your property will drastically reduce and minimize the amount of snake activity that can occur. Click on our repellent service page for detailed information on those particular services.

2). Seal Entry points. As time goes on, our weather stripping on doors, garages etc. can and will deteriorate. When this occurs, opening happen. Bugs and snakes can readily pass through locations like this raising your chances of having one of them invade your living space.

3). Keep shrubbery nicely trimmed and manicured. Overgrown Shrubbery can easily cause nesting areas, harboring areas, and create the perfect environment for snakes.

4). Remove Debris from around your home. The less debris you have accumulating directly around you home the better. Stored lumber, garbage cans, etc. can also lead to nesting and hiding areas for snakes.

Remember, With a regular pest control program, Regular Snake repellent service applications from Imperial Pest Prevention your home and property will stand the best chance at remaining Snake and other pests free. Our friendly office staff and technicians are just a phone call away 386-956-9506

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