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Is your information confidential with your pest control company?

In a world full of possible data breaches, possibility of hacks and potential scams it can be nerving. Just pumping gas these days it is possible for a credit card to be skimmed unknowingly. Times have changed and I am sure we can all agree.

One thing we are always wondering and pay attention to is if our information is safe online. And you should, with good reason! But is your information always safe? We like to think so, at least i know I do.... But it might not be. Maybe perhaps the pest control company or small business, or any business you hire who has a database or service software isn't fully the company you hired! Sounds confusing doesn't it? It is actually simpler than you may think.

What if I was to tell you that some of the Pest Control companies and other businesses that you hire may actually rent software from large conglomerates or software firms. Doesn't sound so bad, right? What if I was to tell you that in doing so, they may actually share your information or possibly sign off rights as a customer to a database that others may see at times. Well how can that be?

This is correct, the simple spray company you hired may not own the rights to keep you hidden as a customer to the software program they rent from. In doing so they may give up your anonymity. This is not for deceitful reasons, but is usually more so for technical support, billing, service history etc. In most cases you are safe and these software programs are well protected. However, it is almost never shared with a consumer and bad things can happen.

Well what can i do? Yes!, I am sure that is a question that you had asked yourself. It is as simple as asking! most licensed pest control companies are reputable and honest. just ask! Ask them if they own their own customer software and if that software is encrypted. Ask if they use a contracted rented software program. Ask if you may know the name of that software. Research, ask questions! After all it is your right.

If a pest control company is not open or sounds hesitant, it is as easy as making a switch to a different company. In Florida you are not under a contract for a pest control service unless it is a termite related service. Many times consumers think they are under a contract and have to honor out that length of time. If your service is non termite related you may cancel at anytime if you are unhappy! Pest Control, Lawn Spraying, etc. you are not abound to a certain exterminator company. You see in Florida, you are not under a contract for services that rendered upon completion. You are under a service agreement, and as strongly worded as they are, they are just that, an agreement.

Research the pest control company you deal with. Check them out. Don't be afraid

to compare them to competition. True competition makes other competition stronger. See what they offer, ask questions, see if they own their own software programs, ask if your information is safe from prying eyes, ask, ask, ask! It is your right!

If for any reason you have doubt after asking, remember, your gut feeling is almost usually always right. If you want a competitive quote, want to compare your pest control company to a pest prevention specialist, give Imperial Pest Prevention a call at 386-956-9506, or book pest control online, we are here to help. We would love to opportunity!

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