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Questions you should be asking the pest control company before you hire.

In an industry of pest control service providers it is an assumption that we all do the same thing, kill bugs! While this statement is true in a basic sense of that description, there is certain things that make each pest control company different. These aren't little things either. They are major! They are questions that you as a homeowner should ask before you hire a pest control company.

The first question should be are you licensed and insured. You would think that a technician strolling up to your door well groomed, in a company outfit with a marked vehicle would fit the description, however, that may not always be the case. In this day and age we have the internet. A quick search of public databases will weed those imposters out with a quickness. It is your right to ask a pest control company for a business license number or the technician credentials of that employee who may be coming to your home.

Another question to ask is if the pest control company owner is the original owner and if not do they hold all categories of a certified operator under their name for that company. In this day and age you want a pest control company that has a leader of that company that has done every aspect of work within that company. Management that can train and develop a company and staff working from the bottom to the top. An individual who has worked in the industry and has seen the weaknesses of other companies and the good. A company developer that can perfect a pest control business based on this experience. This added knowledge can not be taught in a class or school and has a huge benefit to its customers and staff. The top management should be able to do and have done every service the pest control company offers. Not only is this how it should be but it commands a level of respect from other peers and coworkers.

It is becoming a common occurrence for pest control companies to acquire customers from buying other pest service companies instead of the old fashion providing superior service and growing that company organically. This wave of acquiring customers takes the hard work and integrity from the industry. It also turns those customers into an account number and that personal warm feeling of a small business goes away with it. At Imperial Pest Prevention we are big enough to service any residential, commercial, or industrial pest control service while still small enough to care.

One last important question to ask is if the pest control company is local. If they are not local then how far is the service location to your service address. If you live in Orlando, Fl. do you want a pest control company in Ormond Beach, Florida? Or a pest control company based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida? Of course not! You want a local company. Don't be afraid of asking about response time as well. If you are not dealing with a local exterminator company then you will have difficulties getting that company out in a time of need.

Remember the name Imperial Pest Prevention in your quest for that pest control

company. The company that is large enough to handle any sized accounts yet small enough to still give you that level of detail for your termite control, tent fumigation, pest control, lawn spraying, termite inspections or any other pest related needs you may have. Feel free to book your pest control online, check out our pest control specials or give us a call at 386-956-9506. With over 50 years combined staff knowledge learn for your self why Imperial Pest Prevention remains the number one rated local pest control company.

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