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Bugs on your Christmas tree?

As season after season pass and it nears Christmas, we always find ourselves answering that question in our head. Do we want a real Christmas tree or a fake one this year. For those of us who love and must have that traditional "real" one their may be some unwanted hidden guests.

That is right!, that freshly cut, festive, beautiful, aromatizing tree was once in the ground, planted, outside. It was and still is the home to thousands of insects who made that tree a home! Many people never take that into consideration and readily strap that Christmas tree to the roof of the car, drive it home, bring it in the house, plop it in a stand, add water and unknowingly, instantly, add a huge pest population directly in your home, in one given shot.

As if it couldn't get worse, it does. The sluggish insects that have been in hiding due to cooler weather are now in a regulated warm environment. That insect metabolism that relies upon ambient temperature is warming up and in doing so waking them up. Its like it went from winter to spring all in a days' time. Who knew that this harmless Christmas tree could crash a holiday party!

What kind of bugs did you say could now be living among my family? Well, let's just say the thousands as we previously told you will drastically fall in numbers very quickly. Many of the microscopic pests will die due to dehydration and lack of food sources. Not all of them though! Some of these hidden holiday gatherers are ready to remain festive a little while longer. Some of these insects could even migrate around your home and possible even cause hospital visits such as venomous spiders.

Spiders and mites can be a common hidden Christmas tree Dweller of a wide variety of Christmas trees. Aphids are another common lover of an evergreen as well as Adeligs, Scale species, Bark Beetles, some fly species etc. We at Imperial Pest Prevention always like to recommend that you inspect the Christmas tree prior to buying it. Purchasing the tree during the day or bringing a flashlight will help in this process. Always examine the underside of the tree branches and trunk. Trim off branches that appear to have any nesting sites. Shake the tree vigorously outside prior to bringing it in to your home. This will assist dislodging any hidden pests and loose pine needles. It also never hurts to leave that tree in a monitoring room for a few days. A garage is a good place to do so and don't forget to vacuum around the tree daily.

You have options to debug that Christmas tree before it goes into your house. If you

contact a pest control company such as Imperial Pest Prevention, we can treat the tree with organic oils or organic powder prior do be sure any bugs on the tree are going to be dead bugs.

If it is already sitting in your house, dont fret, we can still help you. We offer a wide array of treatment programs to protect your home along with many holiday pest control specials. Let us protect your home and family. Its as easy as calling us at 386-956-9506 or book your pest control service online.

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