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Buying a Home? Why you need a WDO inspection.

From the title of this blog, maybe perhaps you thought you have just heard a foreign language. What is a WDO you may have asked yourself? If so, that is a great question. A WDO in short stands for Wood Destroying Organism. So logically it is an inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms. In Florida, the Department Of Agriculture and Consumer Services notes five Wood Destroying organisms. They are as Follows, Wood Decaying Fungus, Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles and Old House Borers. This inspection must be performed by a properly state licensed individual with a Registered Licensed termite company with from the Department of Agriculture and consumer services.

A Wood Destroying organism inspection is typically an inspection performed before someone buys a home, refinances a home, or any other property one may buy. It may be a personal preference, or it could also be a requirement for certain types of loans. The Wood Destroying Organism inspection which we will further refer to as the WDO consists of an inspection of a structure and every "VISIBLE" aspect of that structure. With that being said, it is simply an inspection, of what the naked eye can visibly see on the exterior, interior, attic and/ or Crawlspace in "ACCESSIBLE" locations. The WDO inspection is more so a snapshot of time of the structure being inspected and can not be used as a determination of the past, or forecasted thoughts of the future, nor is it a guarantee of hidden non visible WDO's.

Well why would I need this inspection if you cant tell me 100% I dont have termites or hidden damage? That is an excellent question! Though we can not determine hidden damage, we can in most cases find visible evidence of WDO's before they become major. We also can point out conducive conditions that can create the recipe for termites, wood decay and other Wood Destroying Organisms so they may be corrected in a timely manner. We can also usually make the determination if a property has been previously treated and at times if that property has had inconsistency in treatments, spot treatments, or concerns being addressed type of treatments. Lastly, and the most important, we can point out visible damage which can be determined as WDOs. For instance, there has been numerous occasions that hidden damage may be present in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior walls, behind certain types of siding etc. And though we have not been able to find that damage due to it being obstructed, we have found damage in Attics above these locations, or Crawlspace damage in the substructures below these locations.

A WDO inspection can bring a wealth of negotiating tools to the table for you and your realtor as you consider purchasing the largest investment in your life. This short Blog post was intended to be a quick read of basics and a quick guideline in simple terms of a Wood Destroying Organism inspection. If you wish to read more about the baseline standards of Practice according to the Department of Agriculture and consumer services click on this link "here". If you wish to learn more in depth about Wood Destroying Organisms and termites, click "here" for our web page dedicated to termites and WDOs. If you would like to book a WDO inspection, you may do so "here" by booking on our online store. And as always Imperial Pest Prevention is always available by phone at 386-956-9506 or toll free at 855-55-PESTS

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