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Wasping? The new drug trend to possibly hit Florida?

Florida, as if the beautiful sunshine state already didn't have enough of its fair share of a drug epidemic. Now our beautiful state, our parents and children have to be concerned with a new drug trend that may make its way to Florida. The new drug is actually a mixture of a well known drug Meth. (Methamphetamine) combined with Wasp Killer which uses the pesticide class of pyrethroids that we at Imperial Pest Prevention use almost on a daily basis. Yes, you heard that correct. This new sickening trend has been recorded in Ohio, Indiana, surrounding states and is spreading according to WHIO news and abc news. All other states, officials, police, parents, teachers etc. need to be aware. Florida has already seen its share of such a drug epidemic from Flakka, Heroin, opioids etc. with many hitting home so close that many of us have directly or indirectly been effected by a love one, co worker, friend etc.

This new drug practice that combines a stack of the meth and the wasp insecticide is used to achieve a new level "high" apparently generates hallucinogens and an extreme feeling of an overwhelming rush. The user will either directly apply the spray liquid onto the methamphetamine or crystallize the liquid using heat such as cooking it on a metal spoon or sheet allowing the finished powdered crystallized product to be scraped, mixed, and used by inhalation or injection.

The pesticide class Pyrethroids when used for its proper application when dealing with insects acts in such a manner as drawing through the insects exoskeleton and affecting its nervous system directly resulting in a kill. In humans the insecticide will disrupt normal nerve signaling which can result in erratic behavior, confusion, tremors, incoordination, panic, paranoia, to seizures or even death.

Education, being informed and aware of current drug trends is important. Always be open with children, family and loved ones. Allow those close to you to feel like they can tell you anything without any judgmental behavior. Be a parent and not just a friend. Educate yourself on these horrific trends, have the knowledge to share this link and bring awareness to not just those close to you but to everyone. Just one share and read from the right person can save a life if not thousands.

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