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Imperial Pest Prevention Specials!

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Effective 8/17/2018 Imperial Pest Prevention will incorporate coupons to the website to enhance user experience and offer current customers great deals. These features will run for undisclosed times and as long as the blog post is up, the coupons may be printed for you to redeem.

Special Offer featured at the current time is our Yearly Pest Control Special: This service covers all general pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, scorpions, pantry pests etc. The yearly pest control

service includes starting packages as simple as exterior only applications to packages that include interior applications of the full house, crack and crevice treatments of appliances, plumbing access points and Bi annual exterior booster sprays. With all of our services, if you see any service related pests, we will come back at no additional charge. We also offer an upgraded option for an additional up-charge that also includes the use of a power dusting in the attic. This add on feature is a state of the art treatment that enables a full treatment of the attic including all of those hard to reach locations.

Please note that if you having a current infestation of any sort, or your house is larger than 2,000sqft. The service rate is subject to change. We recommend calling our office direct at 386-956-9506 if you are having any current pest concerns or for unique circumstances.

Coupon must be printed to be redeemed, or screenshot from a mobile device and shown to your Imperial Pest Prevention technician prior to redeeming at the special rate. As always, we appreciate your business!

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