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Rodent Abatement Letters now Available!

Nesting Rats for Rodent Abatement

Due to customer/ contractor demand, Imperial Pest Prevention is now pleased to announce that they will be offering Rodent Abatement Letter.

What is a rodent abatement? Well, Lets just say that many counties or towns are now requiring these inspections from Licensed pest control companies. The need comes when a contractor, builder, demolition company, bank, or homeowner decides that they may want to demolish or remove a structure from a property.

This inspection and clearance letter is designed to allow a state certified pest control company the opportunity to offer diligence to the community to prevent any structures that may contain rodent harboring, nesting and/ or live activity escaping to the surrounding neighbors, community etc. As well as rectify any activity was noted prior to demolition.

What could happen if rodents from an abandoned or demolished building escaped?

Great question! Rats are a common problem in the Daytona Beach, New Smyrna

Beach, and Ormond Beach areas. If they enter into a home, business or any structure they can be destructive. Rats may carry parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. Rats are more likely to try to escape than bite, so never try to approach one. Rats can inflict a lot of damage when they bite and also chance transmitting diseases while doing so. Lets not forget about the structural damage rats can cause from their gnawing and burrowing activities. This ranges

from minor holes in walls/doors/furniture/cupboards to structural collapse (in extreme cases), electrical faults and fire (due to gnawing through cables).

So in a quick recap, Rodent Abatement Letter is a security step put in place to protect the surrounding community from the demolishment of a possible rodent

infested building.

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