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Imperial Pest Prevention Launches App

Daytona Beach Pest Control

Imperial Pest Prevention announces today that with the turn of the new year they have launched the much anticipated redesigned mobile app (available through Google play store and IOS). The app features much of the same information as the homepage with customer information about Pest Control, Bed Bug services, Termite control, Lawn and Shrub services.

The App now contains links to the Imperial Pest Prevention company blog that features a multitude of pest related news posts, company specials, and all insight for pest control enthusiasts, home inspectors, current Imperial Pest Prevention customers and those consumers possible seeking pest control related services.

With the new modified Application, there is now a Pest Library section that is linked to Wikipedia and will contain most of Florida's known pests, descriptions, and regions. Imperial Pest Prevention limited it mostly to Florida insects to stay relevant to the servicing territories the company currently services. This feature is a phenomenal tool for the current homeowner, renter, business owner, current customer, internet surfer that may have found a creepy crawler in their home and is looking for a reputable research platform.

Imperial Pest Prevention has also integrated an online booking feature! With the modernization of technology, the ever changing need for a more simplistic customer service experience, and a change in how the demographics now handle service needs, Imperial Pest Prevention wanted to remain current. The App will enable customers to set up new services, home inspectors and realtors to book Termite WDO inspections, or current customers the chance to schedule reoccurring or new services from the mobile device of their choice.

Imperial Pest Prevention will still offer regular service scheduling from office staff,

and will still resume normal business hours as well as have these features available from normal home PC website and mobile website viewing without the application.

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