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October- December Yearly Pest Control Special $175.00

Take advantage of our Yearly Pest Control Special of just $175.00 for homes up to 2500sq.ft. This yearly Pest Control Service includes an interior initial service application of pipe flanges, crack and crevice treatment, interior spray, and four exterior application services.

This service will cover you for general pests such as roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders etc. All related service needs in-between normal scheduled dates will be treated at no additional charge if you are in need. We urge anyone with any questions to call us direct at 386-956-9506, visit our online chat, or book online.

Anyone partaking in this special will have to mention this blog post prior to signing up in order to receive the discounted rate. This offer is for new customers only, or current customers adding the yearly pest control service to an existing account.

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