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Plague coming back? Or did it never Leave? Let Imperial Pest Prevention break it down for you

Plague Daytona Beach

After news broke out earlier this month about fleas in two Arizona county’s carrying the Bubonic Plague, it caused quite a concern for many homeowners around the United States! Luckily so far there have not been any reported deaths due to the occurrences. So what does this mean for those that have heard of the greatest catastrophe ever, the “Black Death” that once swept over the middle ages? Or did it not just sweep over the middle ages, did it never leave?

Believe it or not as rare as it is there’s typically a handful of plague cases that are diagnosed every year in the United States. Lucky enough for those unfortunate few we live in a civilization with advances in medicine that now those that contract the disease are easily able to be treated with antibiotics. Which is good news compared to what used to be a death sentence during the black death era.

So what can I do you ask? Imperial Pest Prevention spokes person and Certified Entomologist Jonathan Stoddard stated ” that is simple, first know the onset of symptoms which typically include a headache, fever, chills, weakness, swollen and sore lymph nodes which are usually a result of an infected flea bite. Secondly, Have pest control services at your home. Protect your loved ones and pets. With advances in pest control, lawn spraying, topical flea treatments for your pets, there is not usually too much to worry about as far as it goes in your home. Most of the rare cases that occur in our day and age are generally going to arise in the more adventurous outdoor personality types. Those that are out hiking, camping, bike riding etc. And for those particular groups, it is best to pay attention of any noticeable new marks on your body or any symptoms that may make you feel ill”.

Plague doctors mask Imperial Pest Prevention

For anybody inquiring more information about the Bubonic Plague, we urge you to please click the link was attached to the centers of disease control and prevention plague. And for more information on pest control services, lawn spraying services, and rodent services you may visit Imperial Pest Prevention on their web page or contact them directly at 386-956-9506.

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