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Imperial Pest Prevention of Daytona Beach, Fl. states Powassan Virus could be coming for Florida

Daytona Beach, Florida. Volusia County , Florida (PRUnderground) June 5th, 2017

Tick Daytona Beach Image

You may have already seen the headlines of the deadly tick disease likely on the rise this summer throughout the course of North America.

The disease called Powassan virus and it is transmitted to humans by infected ticks. This disease has been known to impact the nervous system as well as the ability of thinking, balance and memory.

This center for disease control and pre

vention reported 75 cases of Powassan Virus over the course of the past 10 years, luckily for Florida residents, the cases have been in northern regions.

Imperial Pest Prevention spokes person Jonathan Stoddard stated ” ticks will be of concern this year with the warming temperatures here in Florida. And as people are traveling to northern locations it is very possible to bring a tick infected back to Florida locations. However they are numerous steps and preventative measures you may take to help assist yourself, loved ones, pets as well as your property”.

Jonathan Stoddard the Associate Certified Entomologist for Imperial Pest Prevention stated a five step program that can be used to help.

1). Use an over the counter Deet Repellant for yourself and veterinarian recommended products for pets.

2). Avoid walking under shrubbery or large trees

3). Regulary check pets, family and your own body for any signs of ticks.

Daytona Beach Tick Image

4). Keep landscape such as trees, grass, and shrubs trimmed.

5). Have your property serviced for lawn and shrub spraying with a regular program to help eliminate populations on your property.

Imperial Pest Prevention spokes person also noted that anyone with qustions regarding ticks, may visit the Florida UF IFAS extension website to help identify ticks.

About Imperial Pest Prevention

Imperial Pest Prevention is full service pest control company specializing in Termite Control, Pest Control, Lawn and Shrub Spraying etc. Imperial Pest Prevention is licensed by the state of Florida and enjoys a high level of customer service while maintaining high rated reviews on Google and other internet sources. All Imperial Pest Prevention technicians are state qualified and receive ongoing mandatory training to remain compliant to the constant changing industry laws, regulations, and ever-changing pest control industry.

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