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Imperial Pest Prevention is warning locals and all others to be on heightened alert for scammers and

Imperial Pest Prevention is warning locals and all others to be on heightened alert for scammers and crooks, who utilize the spring and summer of Florida to employ deviant tactics to rip-off unknowing residents and communities.

According to Jonathan Stoddard the Spokesperson for Imperial Pest Prevention, one of the major scams are individuals offering unlicensed pest control services.

Imperial Pest Prevention issued the following warning in a press release:

It is that time of the year again when you must be diligent with regard to crime prevention and be aware of unlicensed pest control applicators.

The majority of these unlicensed companies are either from out of the area and advise they have great specials to make a quick dollar or landscape companies looking to add on services they are not licensed for to increase income during the busy season.

Imperial Pest Prevention wants everyone to know that the chemicals used by pest control companies are strictly regulated by the Department of Agriculture. It is not legal for a handyman to spray a house other than one he owns, as well as landscapers to spray roundup, weed control or even fertilize a lawn.

Imperial Pest Prevention wants everyone to know that if you need to utilize a pest control service to use a reputable company, not one that solicits your home or you in your driveway. It is common for a licensed pest control company to legally solicit during the spring and summer, however, homeowners need to be aware. All legitimate pest control company employees are legally obligated to carry their Florida Department Of Agriculture pest control license on them at all times. If they do not have it, do not do business! The licensed business can also be looked up, via the web at the Florida Department Of Agriculture, to find out if they are a company that is licensed to provide the services they are advertising. Do not be afraid to ask them if they can provide the proper documentation and licensing for you to view.

Always Remember to tell the prospective solicitor that you would like to see their state licenses and ask them for their business card and phone number. Always remember to gather as much information as you can about the company. Call your local Police if you think something is suspicious or may have bad intentions in your neighborhood. Remember that your actions may help another who may be vulnerable to these unreputable prowlers that tarnish the name of the service providers that follow the rules and regulations of the state and government.

About Imperial Pest Prevention

Imperial Pest Prevention is full service pest control company specializing in Termite Control, Pest Control, Lawn and Shrub Spraying etc. Imperial Pest Prevention is licensed by the state of Florida and enjoys a high level of customer service while maintaining high rated reviews on Google and other internet sources. All Imperial Pest Prevention technicians are state qualified and receive ongoing mandatory training to remain compliant to the constant changing industry laws, regulations, and ever-changing pest control industry.

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