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Seeing bugs/pests? Call us today for our limited time special Yearly Pest Control program starting a

That is Correct! For a limited time we at Imperial Pest Prevention are offering a Yearly Pest Control Service for the low rate of $199.00 for a full year of Pest Control for your home structure of up to 2500sqft. $10 increment for each additional 100sqft .

What is included you ask? Good question! The Imperial Pest Prevention yearly service will consist of

1. Inspection We at Imperial Pest Prevention will listen to your insect concerns and inspect your home to identify conducive conditions that encourage infestations and enforce the most effective control program available for specific pests and non target pests.

2. Interior On the initial service, we pinpoint indoor pest harboring sites and treat cracks, crevices and voids surrounding appliances and plumbing access points. We then apply baits behind accessible electrical switch plates of the kitchen, bathrooms and utility room locations followed up by an interior baseboard application of door thresholds, window sills and other entry points.

3. Exterior As the seasons change, rain falls, sun beats down on your home etc. your home becomes appealing to a vast majority of insects and rodents. We at Imperial Pest Prevention will apply quarterly protective barrier treatments at no additional charge to help prevent future pest entry. These ongoing exterior barrier applications will be performed automatically for your convenience to avoid having to be present or interrupted by scheduling hassles .


Great Question! You are covered for the year! if you should see any pest in or on your building structure in between normal visits, we will come back out at no charge. Please remember that the service provided will cover you for general pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas etc that are in or on your home.


Great question again! It is as simple as calling Imperial Pest Prevention on our local phone number at 386-956-9506, calling our toll free number at 855-55-PESTS, emailing us at or scheduling your service online at

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have at 386-956-9506 today. Our Pest Control and Pest Prevention services will ensure your investment is a safe haven for your family and your pets.

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