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12 Terrifying Insects You Never Wish to Encounter

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Insects have inhabited the earth for millions of years. And so far, a good number of them have conferred beneficial roles in the ecosystem. But then, some other species of insects should be feared by humans. While some of these scary insects are venomous, others possess deadly features that can cause fatalities to the slightest contact with them.

At Port Orange Pest Control, your safety and sanity is our concern. This is why Imperial Pest Prevention has come up with a comprehensive guide on a dozen pests you must avoid at all costs. And peradventure you come across them, this guide will help you identify them, and vacate the not so great scenario as fast as possible.

The South American Giant Silkworm

giant silkworm moth

The South American Giant Silkworm is a creepy-crawly insect that is commonly found in South America. It is also referred to as the Assassin Caterpillar and is responsible for several deaths across the region. The brittles found on the larvae of this silkworm are filled with a toxic substance that can result in several deadly symptoms when released in a person. Of these symptoms, bleeding in the brain is the most fatal and can results in death because the toxin contains a clot inhibitor.

The Puss Caterpillar

Puss Caterpillar

This caterpillar is commonly found in the United States and can easily be mistaken for a harmless furry caterpillar from a distance. However, a single sting from it can cause its victim hours of endless pain. The pain results from toxic spines that get stuck in the skin during an attack, and the extent of pain depends on the body part in question.

The Amazon's Carnivorous Centipede

Amazonian giant centipede

From invertebrate animals like worms and crickets to vertebrates like frogs and snakes, this 14-inch long carnivorous centipede feeds on creatures of all kinds. It is commonly found in the Amazon and is another enormous creature to avoid. And although it hardly attacks humans, its venom can cause severe pain, fever, and inflammation.

Flesh Flies

Flesh Fly

Having a house fly around your home can be disgusting. But having a scavenger in the form of a fly around your living area is positively nightmarish. These flesh flies do not only feed on human feces and decomposing substances; they also release flesh-eating maggots into their victims

Funnel-web spider

Australian funnel-web spider

This deadly Australian funnel-web spider is more prominent than an average spider and possesses fangs that are so strong they can even penetrate human fingernails. You may never encounter a female species of this spider, but the male species are quite common around human settlements. The male Funnel-web spiders tend to stray in their quest for a mating partner.

The Titan Beetle

Titan beetle

The Titan beetle is a species of insect known to dwell in South American rainforests. They increase in size and can have body sizes up to 6 inches. The horrifying fact about this pest is that they retaliate when threatened and have the capacity to cut into their victim's flesh during an attack.

Bullet Ants

bullet ant

These ants have the firmest grip and the most painful insect bite ever experienced by humans. They are typical in Central and Southern America's rainforests and can grow to lengths of up to one inch.

The Solitary Hawk Wasp

Hemipepsis ustulata

This species of the over 5000 species of solitary wasp is known for its aggressive manner of escaping from predators. They release a venomous substance into their captors, which causes severe pain to help them escape. Be careful with this wasp; its venom is for anything or anyone that looks or behaves like a predator!

Human Bot Flies

human botfly

This Central and South American large fly looks like a bumblebee and lays its eggs on warm-blooded animals and human beings. On hatching, its larvae can dig into the skin and live in any part of the body. Human Bot Flies can cause serious health problems that result from a condition termed myiasis.

Killer Ants

These ants, also known as army or soldier ants, travel in their millions by using their strong claws and mandible to hold on to one another. They are common in West Africa and some parts of Asia and will attack whatever lies in their travel path – including cattle and humans. In a single day, they can consume thousands of animals.

The Japanese Hornet

Murder Hornet

Commonly called the Yak Killer, this Japanese wasp is extremely deadly, as they attack their victims in colonies. They are usually about a quarter-inch long and are responsible for the deaths of up to 40 people every year. The venom of this killer pest tissue-dissolving contains pheromones that beckon on other hornets to assist them during an attack. This insect also has the media under the buzz by the name Murder Hornets.

The Killer Assassin Bug

Assassin bug

Of all the bugs to be feared, this bug should be on the top of your list. In addition to transmitting deadly diseases to humans, these insects can kill their victims within the twinkle of an eye. With their long, razor-sharp beaks, they slice through their victim's flesh to inject enzymes – which quickly decomposes tissues – into them. Subsequently, they digest their prey or carry the carcass on their backs. However, do not think that the human skin and tissues are exempted from the deadly moves of this aggressive bug.

Port Orange Pest Control

Port Orange Pest Control

Irrespective of where you live within the Port Orange area of Florida, don't be surprised if you find any insects around your place of residence. After all, most of them are wanderers and often travel in their numbers. But you don't have to worry for a second; our servicemen are always ready to combat any pest and rid your surrounding of any trace of them.

Contact Port Orange Pest Control service today, and we are sure to handle whatever pest issues you may have. Imperial Pest Prevention proudly offers our pest control services, termite treatment company services, WDO inspections, tent fumigation specialist, and lawn spray services to Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Deland, Orange City, Debary, and the greater surrounding Deltona areas of Florida. Contact Imperial Pest Prevention today: Imperial Pest Prevention, a brand name you know and trust.


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